[Pokémon Center Online]Notice of stock status on the day of release of “GELATO PIQUE meets Pokémon Sleep” on Thursday, September 28th

2023-09-28 02:23:11 ======List of out-of-stock items======   [gelato pique]Gelato Snorlax Cushion [gelato pique][Men’s]Gelato Snorlax Parka & Shorts Set M [gelato pique][Men’s]Gelato Snorlax Parka & Shorts Set L [gelato pique]Gelato Snorlax Parka & Shorts Set [gelato pique][Baby]Gelato Pikachu Romper 70 [gelato pique][Baby]Gelato Pikachu Romper 80 [gelato pique][Baby]Gelato Snorlax Romper 70 [gelato pique][Baby]Gelato Snorlax Romper 80   … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Pokémon Ga-Olé: New Card Lineup, Mega Evolutions, and Z-Moves

2023-09-11 10:21:43 The Pokémon console “Pokémon Ga-Olé” will launch the third version of Rush on September 21, and officially announced the cartridge lineup today, “Pokémon X/Y” (Pokémon X/Y) The cover beasts: Yveltal and Xerneas make their debut, and Mimikyu, which is very popular among players, will also return to the game in the form of … Read more

Pokémon Ga-Olé Rush Update 3: New Cards, Abilities, and Celebration Event!

2023-09-08 03:42:55 The popular large-scale machine “Pokémon Ga-Olé” is about to usher in the third update of Rush. The official announcement date is set on September 21st in the Facebook fan group, and a revision commemorative event will be held. Up to 100 lucky winners will be drawn to give away silver coins. Companion Beast … Read more

Taiwanese Pokemon Player Yan Shaotong Wins World Championship: Insights and Controversies

2023-08-15 06:50:00 Picture taken from The Official Pokémon YouTube channel Comprehensive report by Lin Yanting / Taipei City The annual “Pokémon” international event “Pokémon World Championship 2023” was held in Yokohama, Japan this year. In the card game children’s group (Junior group), 11-year-old Taiwanese player Yan Shaotong won the world championship. After the news was … Read more

Yan Shaotong: Taiwan’s First Pokémon Card World Champion Defies Critics and Inspires Success

2023-08-15 06:21:29 Yan Shaotong won the championship of the card game children’s group. (Picture / recap from YouTube / The Official Pokémon YouTube channel) Yan Shaotong, an 11-year-old boy from Taiwan, won the card game children’s championship in the “Pokémon World Championships” held in Yokohama, Japan a few days ago. He is also the first … Read more

Yan Shaotong Makes History as Taiwan’s First Pokémon Card Champion at Pokémon World Championship 2023

2023-08-13 04:57:23 Yan Shaotong, an 11-year-old player from Taiwan, won the world champion of the children’s category in the card division at the “Pokémon World Championship 2023” currently being held in Yokohama, Japan. Yan Shaotong defeated Brazilian player Gabriel Birges Torres 2:0 in the final battle. Yan Shaotong is also the first Taiwanese player to … Read more