Corona infected. -Shunji Kono | Election dot com

Shunji Kohno’s Blog Corona infected. I am very sorry to be in a position to guide infection prevention measures. [Action history] 12/29 Sponsorship for supporters in Saito, Takachiho and Nobeoka 12/30 Ebino, Kobayashi, Aya, Miyazaki supporters 12/31 Spend time at official residences 1/1 Feeling tired in the evening 1/2 In the morning, I had a … Read more

[Komei Shimbun]New Year street life protection-Takashi Iwasaki | Election dot com

new year street defend one’s life ■ Yamagata The Komeito Yamagata Prefectural Headquarters (representative: Fumiaki Kikuchi, a candidate for the prefectural assembly election) held a public speech in Yamagata City on the 1st. Kenji Wakamatsu, a member of the House of Councillors, emphasized that the government’s comprehensive economic measures reflect the Komeito’s claim to protect … Read more

Annina Ucatis: Ex-porn star celebrates at the star chef | News

Berlin – Here you can enjoy your happiness! With fine white wine and sweet food, Annina Ucatis-Semmelhaack celebrated her 47th birthday on Thursday in the “Brasserie Colette Berlin” by star chef Tim Raue (48). Also present: partner and FDP politician Hagen Reinhold (44). On her Instagram profile she shared photos of the hours together. Ucatis … Read more

Violence in Namibia: Adolf Hitler fights “toxic masculinity” | politics

“It’s okay for men to cry…” Sensitive words from Namibia’s world-famous District Administrator Adolf Hitler Uunona (57). The politician is committed to combating violence in partnerships and families, educates about “toxic masculinity” – according to Uunona a cause of many acts of violence. In Namibia, therefore, “16 days of activism” have now been proclaimed – … Read more

Opposition politicians lose lèse majesté case Court orders to pay Hun Sen party more than $700,000

AFP – A Cambodian opposition politician has been found guilty of defamation for criticizing local elections won by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s political party in a landslide victory. Son Chai, deputy leader of the Sangthian Party Allegations that the National Election Commission sided with the ruling Cambodian People’s Party. It also made claims of vote-buying … Read more

Something terrible is happening at the Kashiba City Council in Nara Prefecture. – Satomi Hirai | Election dot com

Something terrible is happening at the Kashiba City Council in Nara Prefecture. It is against the ordinance to support the accompaniment that we city council members routinely provide for consultations about troubles?! It is unbelievable that asking that question would be punishable. When the city councilor Tsuneko Aoki, who accompanied citizens to apply for welfare, … Read more