“Granting Jacqueline Galant her ‘mom permit’: Watch the Video”

Jacqueline Galant, the mayor of Jurbise, demonstrated her ability to take responsibility during a recent interview with her son, Moïse, and our cameras. Despite the possibility of being tricked during the interview, she jumped at the opportunity to participate. During the interview, Galant was asked about various education-related topics, such as whether she preferred giving … Read more

“It Prompted Me to Ponder”

Chayenne Van Aarle introduced her new partner after a few months of being together, which were intense due to her recent car accident that prevented her from participating and passing on the Miss Belgium 2023 crown. Nicolas Geniets, a television and music producer, is no longer her partner. Reflecting on her recovery, Van Aarle stated … Read more

12 permits withdrawn by the police following the laetare of Sart-Tiège

This Sunday, March 13, the traffic department of the Fagnes police zone carried out road checks on the sidelines of the laetare of Sart-Tiège. A total of 197 vehicles were checked and 12 driving licenses were withdrawn. Read also The carnival of Tiège opened… by a Ukrainian family! (pictures + video) According to the police, … Read more

Gérald Darmanin proposes the withdrawal of the 12 points of the license in the event of driving under narcotics

“I propose the withdrawal of the twelve points from the driving license for anyone who drives while using drugs”, declared the minister to the Sunday newspaper a week after the accident caused by the comedian Pierre Palmade under the influence of cocaine, specifying that “the loss of the permit is automatic only in recidivism today”. … Read more

Nordgold does not mine gold in Burkina Faso because of its Russian origins: Minister of Mines

(Agence Ecofin) – For the past few months, Burkinabé mining policy has been in the spotlight because of the supposed presence of the Russian private paramilitary group Wagner in the country, known to pay for itself through the mining resources of the countries where it operates. In Burkina Faso, the mining permit obtained by the … Read more