Yasmine Abdel Aziz appears in the veil .. Watch how she looked (video)

2023-05-13 09:00:55 Actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. And Yasmine published, through her official account on Instagram, a video clip that appeared while she was wearing the veil, and wrote in the comment: “May God write it for every yearning, Lord, the sweetest place in the world.” … Read more

“Discover How to Save Money on Belgian Products by Shopping in France”

2023-05-10 04:45:00 Today, Belgians go on average once every six weeks to shop in a cross-border country to take advantage of lower prices. And if we know that France generally displays a lower receipt than Belgium, all products combined, we can be surprised by surveying the shelves of French supermarkets by seeing products and brands, … Read more

“Save Money on Your Shopping: Comparing Prices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg”

2023-05-08 12:48:37 In this context, many Belgians decide to do their shopping abroad, such as in France. To check if it was really interesting, Testachats compared the prices of 162 products in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It shows that although savings of 9% can be achieved on average in France, certain products remain … Read more

Princess Seetah al-Damer writes a second letter discussing the well-being of “girls” to King Khalid bin Abdulaziz – Al Marsad Newspaper.

The Gulf Rotana channel’s “Al-Liwan” program recently shared a letter from Princess Seetah Al-Damer to King Khalid bin Abdulaziz that was written in 1383 AH. In the letter, Princess Seetah expressed her loyalty to His Highness Prince Khaled bin Abdulaziz and shared details about a change of intention that occurred. She sought the king’s opinion … Read more

Watch.. The artist Habib Al-Habib imitates the Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Habib Al-Habib, imitated the personality of the Egyptian singer, Mohamed Mounir, during today’s episode of the satirical program “Studio 23” broadcast on mbc1. Habib Al-Habib appeared during the acting scene, wearing clothes similar to the clothes of the Egyptian singer, and imitating his movements and the way he stood on the … Read more

Iman Abdel Aziz, on the subject of her husband’s betrayal of her: He used to tell me what every day I want to eat cream.

The statements of the Syrian actress Iman Abdel Aziz, in an interview with her on the Yalla trend platform via YouTube, topped the social networking sites, the most prominent of which was her talk about her husband’s betrayal of her and her divorce from him. Abdel Aziz said to the broadcaster, after he asked her … Read more