With strong emotions and excellent performances, the 2nd L’Etape Greece by Tour de France 2024 presented by SKODA was completed – 2024-04-08 18:20:19

2,800 years after the first Olympic Games (776 BC), h Ancient Olympia was once again at the center of world sport, hosting it Saturday, April 6, 2024, for 2the consecutive year, in a unique cycling setting, the top race L’ steps Greece by Tour of France 2024 presented by SKODA in its co-organization EY ZIN … Read more

BB.lv: How is the weather in the Kingdom of Denmark: the secrets of hygge are revealed (VIDEO)

Hygge (Danish: hygge) is a concept that originated in the Scandinavian countries, denoting a feeling of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and satisfaction. In recent years, hygge has become a defining characteristic of Danish culture. Mike Viking, founder and director of the Danish Institute for Happiness Research, gives in his book “Hygge. … Read more

Lack of sleep affects our emotions, making us less positive and more anxious | Health & Wellness

With these data on the table, it is not strange that sleeping problems are beginning to be an issue that also keeps us awake as a society. There is increasing scientific evidence that demonstrates the relationship between chronic sleep deficit and the development of numerous diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and some … Read more

Jorge Rausch: Plans to Continue on MasterChef Celebrity Revealed

2023-10-27 16:13:46 One of the chefs who has managed to build an extensive career in the gastronomic industry at a national and international level has been Jorge Rausch, who in addition to having renowned restaurants in various areas of the country. He has also managed to stand out in several seasons of the reality show … Read more

Daniela Álvarez: Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Change – A Journey of Strength and Resilience

2023-10-22 01:44:37 Daniela Álvarez is a former beauty queen and presenter who became known in the entertainment sphere after her participation in the National Beauty Contest and later, her time at Miss Universe where she did not go unnoticed. However, she had to face a health process where ischemia caused the amputation of one of … Read more

Inside the Life of Laura Acuña: From Lawyer to TV Presenter, Mother, and the Challenges She Faces

2023-10-22 02:33:15 Laura Acuña is a Colombian lawyer, model and presenter who left her hometown, Bucaramanga, at a very young age in order to get to television. Although it was not easy, she became part of ‘Noticias RCN’, ‘Very Good Morning’, ‘La Voz’, among others. In addition, she managed to fulfill another of her greatest … Read more

Laura Acuña: From TV Presenter to Motherhood – A Journey of Love, Career, and Adventures

2023-10-06 04:57:28 One of the most famous presenters in national entertainment is Laura Acuña who has been part of ‘Very good morning’ on RCN television and some time later, she decided to change her life by moving to Caracol television and appearing in reality shows such as ‘La Voz’. ‘ and ‘Happy Saturdays’. She even … Read more