Exploring the Neurobiology of Fear: From Animal Behavior to Human Consciousness

2023-04-17 19:37:31 You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] The fear of spiders, a very unfair… and very useless attitude This organic insecticide destroys insects even in the garden and, in the house, invests… From the poignant discomfort of being alone in a dark alley to the dull anguish one can feel towards an uncertain … Read more

10 tips to be happier

This Monday is celebrated International Day of Happinesssince in 2013 the HIM established the anniversary to “recognize the role that the feeling of happiness plays in the lives of people around the world.” This date is part of the plan of the United Nations who intends end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet, three … Read more

Why do antidepressants dull even the most positive emotions?

For nearly half of patients, common antidepressants cause feelings of emotional dullness. Researchers explain this by showing that these serotonin reuptake drugs affect reinforcement learning, a behavioral process that allows us to learn from our environment. To treat the disorder depressive major, anxiety or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, drugs that target the transmission of serotonin – … Read more

Why the intestine is the organ responsible for inner well-being

Enjoying family and friends, sharing a delicious meal or a round of mates, watching your children grow and celebrating each of their achievements, traveling, listening to good music, playing sports are some of the main reasons for happiness of the Argentines, that is, things that make you feel good inside and outside. However, and beyond … Read more

J Balvin will launch an application for the well-being of mental health

Within the framework of the Festival El Futuro de Todo, organized by the Wall Street Journal, the singer J Balvin announced that it will launch an app for mental health wellness. Is about ‘OYE’, a platform that will offer content in different formats aimed at mental health care. Through daily practices and reflections, users will … Read more