Who is José Andrés, the Spanish chef founder of World Central Kitchen who was attacked in Gaza?

A new attack on Gaza claimed the lives of seven NGO workers: it is the World Central Kitchen from the renowned Spanish chef Jose Andres, who has played an important role in introducing Spanish cuisine to American diners and has expanded his work into philanthropy, using his platform to help affected populations around the world. … Read more

The Dead Kennedys frontman called the Orbán regime an armchair fascist regime and the prime minister a wannabe dictator after the CÖF took down their photo

The former frontman of the punk band Dead Kennedys, Jellop Biafra, is not happy that the Fidesz-supporting Civil Solidarity Forum (CÖF) has snubbed him their iconic photo for its latest poster campaign – it is clear from the letter sent by publicist László Seres announced on his blog. The Dead Kennedys heist the 444 noticed … Read more

Marsad Newspaper: Unlock the Power of Ginger Shot for Winter Health and Immunity

2023-12-03 08:05:51 Al-Marsad newspaper: Chef Abdul Latif Al-Sunaidi revealed a drink that is very useful in the winter for colds and allergies. It gives the body immunity and antioxidants, called ginger shot. Al-Sunaidi explained that the ingredients of the dose are: ginger, fresh turmeric, various citrus fruits (orange, lemon, green lime, and tangerine), natural acacia … Read more

Jorge Rausch: Plans to Continue on MasterChef Celebrity Revealed

2023-10-27 16:13:46 One of the chefs who has managed to build an extensive career in the gastronomic industry at a national and international level has been Jorge Rausch, who in addition to having renowned restaurants in various areas of the country. He has also managed to stand out in several seasons of the reality show … Read more

Violent Incident at Snack Bar in Liège: Man Attempts to Stab Employee with Swiss Army Knife

2023-09-23 12:00:00 This Friday, the police had to intervene in a snack bar on rue Puits-en-Sock, in Liège. A man had just tried to stab a store employee with a Swiss army knife. The suspect arrived at the fast-food restaurant with the firm intention of being served first. He moved up the line, saying he … Read more

Controversy Emerges on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’: Carolina Acevedo’s Alleged Cheating and Juan Pablo Barragán’s Unfair Advantage

2023-09-22 20:35:41 A new elimination challenge is coming up on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ in order to meet the new 7 finalists of this new season. However, this new phase will not be easy at all, since none of the participants want to leave and the only ones safe are Carolina Acevedo and Daniela Tapia. Reason why … Read more

Canadian Chef Kenneth Law: Selling Poisonous Substances for Suicide – Investigation and Updates

2023-08-26 07:54:17 Canadian chef Kenneth Law is suspected of selling poisonous substances to people who want to commit suicide. (Photo/Peel Regional Police) Canadian chef Kenneth Law is suspected of selling poisonous substances to people who want to commit suicide in about 40 countries and assisting them to commit suicide. The number of deadly packages exceeds … Read more

Discover the Revolutionary Waterless Flour Baking Technique by Saudi Chef Rasmiya Saleh

2023-08-13 22:14:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Saudi chef Rasmiya Saleh revealed a way to bake flour without a drop of water. And she commented: “If someone had told me this above, I would not have believed it until I tried it myself.” And she said, during a video clip via TikTok, that the method consists in mixing … Read more