Jorge Rausch: Plans to Continue on MasterChef Celebrity Revealed

2023-10-27 16:13:46

One of the chefs who has managed to build an extensive career in the gastronomic industry at a national and international level has been Jorge Rausch, who in addition to having renowned restaurants in various areas of the country. He has also managed to stand out in several seasons of the reality show MasterChef Celebrity, as he became one of the most beloved jurors of the RCN television program. However, a controversy broke out with the grand finale where the winner turned out to be Carolina Acevedo and several of her brought up the jury’s alleged favoritism towards her. Although this sixth season has already come to an end, Rausch recently revealed details about whether his plans include continuing on the cooking show.

Although the jury has been seen with several former participants sharing various moments, the series of statements regarding his life have not been long in coming. Well, Rausch has had no problem referring to various aspects that he has gone through. Now, in the middle of an interview for ’15 Minutes’, the chef ended up confessing what his next projects will be.

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Rausch began his statements by assuring that the idea of ​​leaving ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ has not crossed his mind, since this is one of the roles that he loves the most: “And not only me, but everyone, we left here very tired of the season. because the recordings are very intense.” Next, the chef reiterated that after the two months of rest, he already wants to return to a new season of this cooking reality show.

Likewise, Jorge reiterated that this stage of his life is one of the ones he liked the most, taking into account that this has not been the only version, since he has also been part of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’, “It is part of my job, It is part of my routine and as long as they keep calling me I will continue doing MasterChef.”

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The truth is that Jorge will continue to be part of the cooking program, because although he was initially classified as “brave” and the most complex during the first versions, his personality changed so much that several of the former participants preferred to work with him on the various challenges. and even advised them with each of their preparations.

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