For this reason, your comfort series feels like a warm hug


Do you also have a series that you know inside and out and still continue to watch? You can’t get enough of this series and you always feel better watching it. How come? We looked into it.

Whether Friends, Gilmore Girls of Suits is, this series does something to you.

This is why you watch a series over and over again

Predictability makes you feel safe

A comfort series offers, as the word suggests, comfort. You can completely immerse yourself in the story and the characters and therefore have a break of your normal life and daily worries.

Because you already know what is going to happen, it has a reassuring effect. The predictability gives you a safe feeling, because you will never be faced with unexpected surprises. On people who are insecure and suffer from the anxietycan feel like control and the familiarity which offers a comfort series, also a positive effect to have.

Escape to another world

In addition, a comfort series can ensure that you escape from your current life and transports to a different world. When you are going through a tough time, it can be nice to be completely absorbed in a loving world in which there is little drama plays. But if you miss tension in your life, a comfort series can ensure that you experience those feelings. You can, among other things comfort, positivity or sadness find it in another world, it just depends on what you are looking for.

Supports expressing emotions

Sometimes it can be difficult for you emotions to express. But if, for example, you feel sad or angry and do not express this, this can come out if this emotion is stirred up while watching your comfort series. Your comfort series is actually one external exhaust valve.

Counseling psychologist Raffaello Antonino names the series a safe space creates and makes it possible for our process emotions by watching the series and characters we meet attached are.

A comfort series helps you with problems

A comfort series can also help with problems daily life. When you do one thing obstacle one after another, this can make you lose your own life in perspective can place. In addition, characters’ struggles can show how to cope difficult situations in life. This can also help you when you run into problems yourself.

Offer comfort series emotional support

When you know a series inside and out, the characters can start to feel like real friends. You sympathize and build a community as a result relation on with the characters. This can cause you to… less lonely feels. In addition, you do not have to invest in the relationship, because you can switch the series on and off whenever you want and you do not have to spend your entire attention to keep up with it.

The association with the series is important

It doesn’t matter which comfort series you watch, because sometimes it’s all about the series itself, but about the association that you have with it. Maybe you’re watching positive back to when you first watched the series, or remembers it to the youth. As long as your comfort series offers you comfort, the positive goal has been achieved.

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