With strong emotions and excellent performances, the 2nd L’Etape Greece by Tour de France 2024 presented by SKODA was completed – 2024-04-08 18:20:19

2,800 years after the first Olympic Games (776 BC), h Ancient Olympia was once again at the center of world sport, hosting it Saturday, April 6, 2024, for 2the consecutive year, in a unique cycling setting, the top race Lsteps Greece by Tour of France 2024 presented by SKODA in its co-organization EY ZIN Greece and her Region of Western Greece, with over 3,000 athletes, spectators and visitors experiencing the legendary Tour de France.

More than 1,000 athletes participated in this great celebration of sports, proving that cycling in Greece presents an important dynamic, winning new audiences every year. Through the 3 race routesthe great challenge of 128km “The Race“, the fastest but equally impressive route of 76 km “The Ride” and the gentlest 17 km bike ride “The Fun Ride”, the participants had the opportunity to travel through the wonderful spring landscapes and the picturesque villages of Olympia on a bicycle, on closed roads, in complete safety and with the constant animation of 100 volunteers from the surrounding area.

THE Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Charalambos Bonanossaid about the event: “L’Etape Greece by Tour de France, returned this year to the Olympic Land. Thousands of bicycle enthusiasts found themselves in Ancient Olympia and participated in an event that attracted the attention of millions of people from all over the world. L’Etape Greece is connected to the place that turned sport into an ideal, in this place we celebrated the 6th of April, International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, sending the message of the positive influence that sport can have in promoting human rights and social and economic development. We support the good practices of every sport that mobilizes citizens, but also advertises to the whole world the beauties of our Region. This is Western Greece: A place of life, a place of beauty, a place of great events.».

THE Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Aris Papanagiotopouloskicking off the mid-track “The Ride,” stated “For us at Ancient Olympia it is a great honor to host this specific event, as in a few days we are ready to light the flame of the Olympic Games that will light up the whole world. In fact, this year is emblematic, as we complete 2,800 years since the first ceremony of the Olympic Games and this makes the event even more important. Thank you all so much for being here, for coming to know and appreciate our beauties and places. Many congratulations to EY ZIN Greece and the Region of Western Greece for the organization, to the volunteers and of course to the participating athletes.».

With strong emotions and excellent performances, the 2nd L'Etape Greece by Tour de France 2024 presented by SKODA was completed With strong emotions and excellent performances, the 2nd L'Etape Greece by Tour de France 2024 presented by SKODA was completed

In the competitive route of 128km, in the men’s category, 1o finished The Pericles Ilias with time 03:30:04, climbing to the highest podium, wearing the coveted yellow Jersey. They were followed by Charalambos Kastradas (03:31:10) at 2the position and to 3the place Martinos Moutsios (03:31:16). In category of women of “The Race”the yellow Jersey won Iro Milaki with time 03:42:35while they climbed the podium in order of ranking Varvara Fasoi (03:53:48) and the Anna-Olga Mitsou (03:59:48).

On their way 76km, in the men’s category, 1o the winner was Konstantinos Rakintzis (02:11:30), 2o Yiannis Belimbasakis (02:12:34) and 3o The Minas Malatos (02:13:28). In the corresponding route, in the women’s category, 1the crossed the Finish Line h Elizabeth Dimos (02:32:34), 2the Rania Nomikou (02:37:59) and 3the Katerina Panagiotakopoulou (02:39:28).

The winner of “The Race and a member of SKODA Cycling TeamPericles Iliasstated at the termination of the “The start of the race was given in a very festive atmosphere! Then everyone made their own big effort and followed their own pace. The route was so beautiful and the nature enchanting that we even stopped to admire the landscapes of the area. Congratulations to the whole team for the perfect organization and the excellent support team which made us feel safe throughout the journey.».

«Our climb was very intense at the beginning, but overall it was an incredible race. The feed was excellent, helped us a lot and kept us hydrated. Many thanks to the organization – it was an unforgettable experience and I hope to be here again next year.” reported on the Finish Line o 1o middle distance cyclistThe Ride”, Konstantinos Rakintzis.

THE Konstantinos Rakintzisin fact, will have the honor to participate in Olympic Torch Relay for Paris 2024, which will start on April 16, 2024 – a position secured by the organization of L’Etape Greece, following a draw held among the first winners of the race from each route and category.

Ms Vasia Birliraki, Managing Director of EY ZIN Greece he said shortly before the end of the match: “We are extremely happy to host for 2the wear it Lsteps Greece by Tour of France presented by SKODA in Ancient Olympia. I can say that now the race has become an institution, since the whole city came out to the streets to welcome and applaud our athletes! It was wonderful to see the villages of the area filled with life, bicycles, helmets and of course endless smiles! This year, we surpassed all previous participation records, which shows how much the cycling public has loved this race. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who participated in the effort to make this objectively difficult project a reality. Our goal at EY ZIN Greece is not simply to hold events, but to create emotions in the participants. And I believe that today everyone will leave Ancient Olympia full of unforgettable memories and images.».

The nominal sponsor of this year’s event was the historic Czech automobile industry Cosmocar-SKODA, which has been supporting the Tour de France worldwide for 20 years. H AVRA 3E with the Natural Mineral Water AVRA keep athletes hydrated. The leading dealer of cycling equipment in Greece, the Cyclingoffered each race participant the Offlicial L’Étape Greece by Tour de France 2024 SANTINI Jersey, from the Italian cycling clothing company Santini. THE Olympia Street connected all athletes with the Sports Capital and Coffee Island he fed them with aromatic coffee and special delicacies. This year’s event was also supported by Heineken, the Marathon Bikes as an official partner for the service of bicycles, h GU Energy Greece and the Beautiful Fruitas the ultimate nutritional allies, and Physioathensresponsible for the rehabilitation of athletes after termination.

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