Closing of Otten-Bonhomme Boutiques: The Impact of the Pandemic on Local Businesses

2023-11-28 18:26:00 “Since the pandemic, people have changed their habits. Little by little, this precipitated a decline in footfall in our stores.” This is how Virginie Otten, current owner of the three Otten-Bonhomme boutiques in Welkenraedt, describes the difficult situation the family business is going through. Faced with too many difficulties, the two stores located … Read more

Marathon Propreté à Seraing: Surveillance Cameras and Strategies Revealed

2023-10-15 04:00:00 ** ** ** ** ******** ** ************** ** ******* ** ******** ********* ** ******* **** ** ********** ******** ********** ******* * *********** **** ** ********** ******* ***** ** ********** ****** ****** ** ******** ** ** ******* *********** ** ****** **** *** ** ***** ** ****** *** ****** ***** **** *** ****** **** ************* … Read more

Nicolas Ullens Imprisoned with Marc Dutroux: Inside Belgium’s High-Security Prison

2023-08-18 09:32:15 It’s a coincidence but it happens that Nicolas Ullens is imprisoned in the same prison as Marc Dutroux. The two men have never met. No other prisoner from Nivelles crosses paths with Marc Dutroux in this old prison with 192 places where about 260 prisoners are crammed. It has already been written and … Read more

Find out the cost of tuning in Lebanon now.. Has it changed?

2023-07-10 19:09:40 Despite the dollar reaching record levels and amidst the continuous talk about the state’s efforts to increase its revenues, it was noticed that the value of “seized” and traffic violations is still the same and according to the old pricing. For example, a third-degree traffic violation still ranges between 100 and 150 thousand … Read more

Belarus has changed its ambassador to Russia

Deputy head of the presidential administration of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy has been appointed ambassador of the republic to Russia. Earlier today, the change of the ambassador was agreed upon by the presidents of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. “The Presidents agreed on the appointment of a new Ambassador of the Republic of … Read more

Covid: how the symptoms have changed with the new variants | Trends

Sore throat, headache, runny nose and cough are the main symptoms of covid. Now, fever and loss of smell or taste have become less common among people with the virus.(The fortune Russia spends to shield Putin from covid-19). For its part, symptoms such as hoarse voice, sneezing, fatigue and muscle pain have become increasingly frequent … Read more