Learn about determining the price range for MBC Group shares • Al Marsad newspaper

2023-11-30 20:58:32 Al-Marsad newspaper: HSBC Saudi Arabia revealed that it has set the price range for MBC Group. Price range The company explained that the price range was set between (23 – 25) riyals per share. Offer shares She continued: The offering process consists of issuing thirty-three million two hundred and fifty thousand (33,250,000) ordinary … Read more

Expert Advice: When to Consult a Sleep Disorders Specialist – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-19 10:05:18 Al-Marsad newspaper: Sleep disorders consultant, Dr. Saleh Al-Dammas, revealed the cases that require seeing a doctor due to sleep disorders. Al-Dammas said, during his appearance on the “Sayidaty” program, that healthy sleep is when a person spends sufficient hours of sleep at night and of good quality, which leads to him being in … Read more

The Impact of Coffee on Medications: What You Should Know

2023-09-30 10:10:06 Al-Marsad newspaper: Experts revealed the most prominent medications that should not be taken with coffee, noting the need to wait at least an hour before taking them. Experts explained that these medications are: – Blood pressure medications These medications usually slow the heart rate, reducing the heart’s workload in pumping blood to all … Read more

Sports Observatory: New Training Program for Al Hilal Club Players during International Break

2023-09-10 10:28:41 Sports Observatory: Portuguese Jorge Jesus, coach of the first football team at Al Hilal Club, decided to follow a new policy with local players and substitutes, who were not called up to the national teams, during the international break. Coach Jesus developed a new program in order to prepare the players in all … Read more

Updated Municipality Violations Penalties Table: Restaurant Worker Health Certificates and Hygiene Regulations

2023-08-31 04:02:58 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing approved the update of the “Municipality Violations Penalties Table”, as the regulation targeted health certificates for restaurant workers in activities related to public health. Not wearing a mask And with regard to violations of workers in restaurants, the municipality’s regulations for penalties imposed … Read more

Simple Home Test to Determine Your Risk of Heart Disease: Measure Your Waist Size

2023-08-22 18:35:40 The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed a simple test you can take at home to find out if a person is at risk of heart disease. She explained, a BMI of 25 or higher usually means that you may be overweight. She added: “Excess weight around your midsection increases your risk of … Read more

Breaking News: Al-Ittihad Player Transfer Updates – Al-Nassr Rumored to be Interested

2023-07-10 12:48:45 Sports Observatory: One of Al-Ittihad’s players is close to moving to the ranks of Al-Nassr during the current summer transfer period. And Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud enters the Al-Ittihad wing, the circle of interests of the Al-Nasr administration, after he was permanently excluded from the list of the federal team for the Taif preparatory … Read more

7 Heart-Healthy Foods to Prevent Disease: Expert Reveals the Best Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

2023-07-08 01:13:12 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nutrition experts revealed 7 foods that help prevent heart disease and maintain its health. According to the “healthline” website. According to experts, these foods are: black beans Black beans are packed with heart-healthy nutrients, rich in antioxidants and magnesium, and also help lower blood pressure. The fiber also works to control … Read more