Simple Home Test to Determine Your Risk of Heart Disease: Measure Your Waist Size

2023-08-22 18:35:40 The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed a simple test you can take at home to find out if a person is at risk of heart disease. She explained, a BMI of 25 or higher usually means that you may be overweight. She added: “Excess weight around your midsection increases your risk of … Read more

Discover the Revolutionary Waterless Flour Baking Technique by Saudi Chef Rasmiya Saleh

2023-08-13 22:14:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Saudi chef Rasmiya Saleh revealed a way to bake flour without a drop of water. And she commented: “If someone had told me this above, I would not have believed it until I tried it myself.” And she said, during a video clip via TikTok, that the method consists in mixing … Read more

Effective Home Method to Test for Internal Dehydration: Expert Doctor Shares Easy Solution

2023-06-19 17:26:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A doctor documented a video clip in which he explained a home examination method to test if the body suffers from internal dehydration or not. The doctor said during the video: “Not drinking a lot of water, whether during the month of Ramadan or not, will lead to dehydration of the … Read more

A famous Egyptian artist re-publishes an old document disavowing her films after the Umrah • Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-06-11 00:46:19 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian artist, Hassan Youssef, said that his wife, Shams Al-Baroudi, does not think of returning to acting again, and has no intention of returning to the lights and screens. Return from Umrah The Egyptian artist, Shams Al-Baroudi, disavowed her artwork after performing Umrah in 1982, to decide after her return … Read more

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Detailed Confessions of Al-Masry Accused of Beheading Three in Qatar

2023-06-08 12:24:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Masry, who was accused of beheading two brothers and their friend in Qatar, made detailed confessions before the prosecution after his arrest upon his return to Cairo airport. The accused said that he traveled to Qatar to attend the activities of the World Cup during the past year, and decided to … Read more

“Recovering Addict Shares Powerful Story of Overcoming Drug Abuse on Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-15 21:41:20 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A recovering addict recounted the story of her drug abuse and how long she needed treatment. She said during an interview with the “Saudi Arabia” channel: “During the abuse, the passion died in me. I did not want to look at my children, I wanted money, I wanted to steal my … Read more