Effective Home Method to Test for Internal Dehydration: Expert Doctor Shares Easy Solution

2023-06-19 17:26:15

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A doctor documented a video clip in which he explained a home examination method to test if the body suffers from internal dehydration or not.

The doctor said during the video: “Not drinking a lot of water, whether during the month of Ramadan or not, will lead to dehydration of the body inside, and this dehydration affects the internal organs, including the kidneys.”

He continued, “There is a home method through which the body can be known to be affected by dehydration,” and he went on to say: “You hold the skin of the back of the hand, and if the skin responds normally, this means that there is no dehydration, but if the skin remains firm and long before it returns to its place, then this means The body is dehydrated.

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