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Last Sunday, September 18, the premiere of the fifth chapter from the “House of the Dragon” series. In this way, the spectators witnessed the celebrations for the wedding of the princesa Rhaenyra Targaryen y Laenor Velaryon, as well as other events around the life of the protagonists of the prequel to “Game of Thrones”. In … Read more

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Getting closer to the end of the season. The fifth episode of “House of the Dragon” premieres this Sunday, September 19, with great anticipation from fans. The prequel to “Game of Thrones” has made fans feel the same emotion as with the original series. As the story progresses and the characters are known more, the … Read more

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Fworms HBO Max executives say the streaming service has been left with few people of color to oversee its diverse slate of programming as Warner Bros. Discovery continues its ongoing corporate reshuffling. The platform reportedly laid off close to 70 people this month. That includes the entire teams overseeing unscripted, kids and family, and international … Read more

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When “Game of Thrones” (“Game of Thrones”) ended its controversial eighth season in 2019, many of the fans of the franchise created by George RR Martin felt their hopes burn as quickly as King’s Landing under the fire of dragons. However, the saga has a new opportunity. On August 21, HBO premiered “House of the … Read more