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The wait is becoming eternal, but the return of The wonderful friend is near. The fourth season of the series that adapts Two friendsElena Ferrante’s magnum opus, will arrive in the coming months on HBO Max to close the story of Lila and Elena and will do so with a new cast that will play the protagonists in their adulthood.

In the previous installment, the series reflected the changes of the 70s, the awakening of the feminist movement and the class struggle. Elena escaped from the neighborhood and poverty, she married Pietro, an academic man, she lives in Florence and has the world at her fingertips, but the motherhood and a comfortable domestic life They have dampened their creative energy.

Thanks to the feminist movement, Elena found the seed of her next book, but the irony is that she did it motivated by the need for recognition and approval from a man. The board piece that she lost when she was a teenager because she had won it Lila: Nino Sarratore.

“Who am I if you’re not the best?” Lila says to Elena when she goes to visit her at the factory. “I thought you could live a beautiful life for me. Are you going to ruin everything for that guy?” Elena has decided to abandon the quiet life in which she had settled and for the first time He did what he wanted without thinking about the consequences.not what was right or what was expected of her.

The fourth installment: ‘The Lost Girl’

Filmed between Turin, Florence and Naples, this latest installment will bring to the screen The lost girl, the last volume of the saga, in which we will meet the friends again after they have taken different paths. After leaving her hometown to marry and become a successful writer in Florence, Elena will return to Naples following a love of youth that blooms again.

Lila is waiting for her there, who is now a mother and has succeeded in her own way in the local business. Elena is the cultured lady, Lina is the neighborhood woman and little disposed to refinement, but pure intelligence and intuition are on Lila’s side.

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The events precipitate when One day suddenly, Lila’s daughter disappears.: murder, kidnapping, death? Nobody knows, and the neighborhood murmurs. Since then, Lina is no longer the same and madness lurks. Everything – the men, the women, the landscape, the entire city of Naples – become witnesses of the mourning of a mother who does not know how to cry. And one day she too will disappear, returning the viewer to the first scene of the series.

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The new cast

For the first time, neither Margherita Mazzucco nor Gaia Girace will be in this installment, who played Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo in their adolescence and youth in the first three. A year ago the pair of actresses who will play the protagonists of the fourth season of the series was confirmed. TO Alba Rohrwacher (The dark daughter), who already appeared briefly as Elena in the final shot of the last episode, joins Irene Maiorino (Gomorrah) in the role of Lila.

He also joins the cast Fabrizio Gifuni (Exterior night), who plays Nino Sarratore, the writer who has long been the object of Lenù’s affection.

This season’s direction is in charge of Laura Bispuriknown for transgender-themed drama Sworn Virgin and by Daughter of Mine. Both films starred Rohrwacher.

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Saverio Costanzo, creator of the series and director of most of the episodes of its first two seasons, serves as executive producer, along with Paolo Sorrentino, Jennifer Schuur, Elena Recchia and Guido De Laurentiis. The story and scripts are by Elena Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci and Costanzo.

When it premieres

Stefano Coletta, director of Rai Distribution, has said that in Italy the series will premiere on November 25 (Day against violence against women) with two episodes, following the weekly broadcast with two episodes every Monday until completing the episodes. eight that the season has.

The good news is that viewers in the rest of the world won’t have to wait as long because The final installment will premiere on HBO Max before the Italian public network. There is no specific date yet, but it is possible that it will arrive on the platform during the summer or early fall.

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