NATO Defense Ministers meeting in Brussels – Politics –

13.02.2023 22:52 (Akt. 13.02.2023 23:00) Expansion of the weapon system on the tableau ©APA/AFP The defense ministers of the 30 NATO countries are convening for a two-day meeting in Brussels on Tuesday. The topic will be the war in Ukraine and joint efforts by the western military alliance to expand stocks of weapons and ammunition. … Read more

How did we get to this point – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) dated 01/10/2023

According to Kommersant, the Russian oil industry increased production by 2% in 2022, to almost 535 million tons. Among the largest oil companies, Surgutneftegaz’s production grew more rapidly, which, according to the results of last year, became the third largest in terms of production, overtaking Gazprom Neft. Of the four largest oil producers, only Rosneft … Read more

in Ukraine, “centers of invincibility” to provide water and heating

Published on : 23/11/2022 – 07:06 Ukrainians without access to essential services after Russian strikes on energy infrastructure will be able to go to special “invincibility centers”, Volodymyr Zelensky announced. According to the Ukrainian President, 4,000 centers have already opened and more centers are to be created. Follow the latest developments in the war in … Read more

Forint devaluation: In the power struggle with Brussels, Orbán risks state bankruptcy

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Russia calls for UN meeting over pipeline leaks

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case of international terrorism. Moscow justified the step by saying that the damage to the pipelines had “inflicted considerable economic damage on Russia”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called for Russia to be involved in clarifying the incidents. The UN session is expected for Thursday, said the deputy head … Read more

Fall from private yacht: Next death among Russian top managers

Fall from private yacht Next death among Russian top managers 09/13/2022 11:36 p.m Another high-ranking Russian manager dies under strange circumstances. Rescue workers pull Ivan Peshorin’s body out of the sea in Vladivostok. The 39-year-old is said to have fallen off a private yacht. Another Russian manager from the energy sector has died under mysterious … Read more

GOOD MORNING – G´scheiter afterwards | collective inability

“You’re always smarter afterwards” – one of the dumbest sayings. First of all, afterwards you are by no means always smarter. Second, it serves as the cheapest excuse for mistakes – because who could have predicted that this would happen. For example, with Austria’s total delivery to Putin’s Russia for gas deliveries. According to the … Read more

Russia warns that pipeline compressor does not meet safety requirements = Gazprom | Reuters

Russia’s state-owned Gazprom said on Monday it had received a formal warning from Russian authorities that the Portovaya compressor station on its main Nord Stream 1 pipeline did not meet safety requirements. ( Ruvic/Illustration) [モスクワ 5日 ロイター] – Russian state-owned Gazprom announced on May 5 that it has received a formal warning from Russian authorities … Read more