The court postponed consideration of claims against IK-6 due to Navalny’s illness

The Kovrov City Court of the Vladimir Region postponed consideration of two lawsuits filed by Alexei Navalny against correctional colony No. 6 due to the plaintiff’s illness, reported “RIA Novosti” in the instance. According to Yulia Navalnaya, the politician told her in a letter dated January 2 that he had caught a cold and had … Read more

How did we get to this point – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) dated 01/10/2023

According to Kommersant, the Russian oil industry increased production by 2% in 2022, to almost 535 million tons. Among the largest oil companies, Surgutneftegaz’s production grew more rapidly, which, according to the results of last year, became the third largest in terms of production, overtaking Gazprom Neft. Of the four largest oil producers, only Rosneft … Read more

Latvian police report a call to the Russian embassy due to a suspicious package

Simona Gravite, a representative of the Latvian state police, reported a call to the Russian embassy in Riga, where a suspicious parcel with an unknown substance may have arrived. in the Russian diplomatic mission “RIA Novosti” reported that there are no comments yet. “Today at 13:54 (14:54 Moscow time) a call was received due to … Read more

Jump in price tension – Newspaper Kommersant No. 243 (7444) of 12/29/2022

Exchange prices for electricity in the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals in December returned to a significant increase, reaching at the moment a historical maximum of 1.8 thousand rubles. for 1 MW•h. A sharp jump occurred due to the simultaneous withdrawal of several NPP units for scheduled and unscheduled repairs. Generating … Read more

15 thousand residents of Bratsk lost heat due to an accident

83 buildings, including 14 social institutions, and 14.7 thousand people (including 4.5 thousand children) were left without heat supply due to a utility accident in Bratsk (Irkutsk region). It’s -26 degrees in the city right now, according to The Weather Channel. “83 objects fell under the shutdown. Of these, 14 social institutions. Including kindergartens and … Read more

Fur coat manufacturers in Russia have reduced the range due to a shortage of imported fur

Due to sanctions and the mass extermination of mink in Denmark, fur manufacturers in Russia faced a shortage of raw materials, rising prices for it, and subsequently with a reduction in the range. It is reported by RBC with reference to Russian companies producing clothes from natural fur. The chairman of the board of directors … Read more