Lotte, KRW 1 billion in donations to recover from forest fires in Gangneung

Lotte announced on the 13th that it would provide emergency support of 1 billion won to help local communities affected by forest fires in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. The donation will be donated to the Community Chest of Korea and will be fully used for recovery activities in the affected area and support for local residents. Along … Read more

Indonesian rich woman donates “1 small goal” to fans who need help with a trembling hand | International | CTWANT

The Indonesian rich woman trembled her hands and directly transferred 100 million yuan to fans. (Picture / flip from TikTok) Mira hayati, an Indonesian female entrepreneur engaged in beauty products, previously became famous for showing off her wealth online to buy a pure gold bag. And he recently said that when he donated money to … Read more

The promised donation of 11 million was not fulfilled and was sued by his alma mater. The alumni responded: I will be like Luo Yonghao-Fast Technology-Technology Changes the Future

The promised donation of 11 million was not fulfilled, and the alma mater sued the alumni to respond: I will be like Luo Yonghao He promised to donate 11 million yuan, and the school also held a grand thank you ceremony for him, but the money for the donation was delayed, and he was finally … Read more

Indra Bekti forgot that he had received the transfer, Raffi Ahmad finally spoke up

Tuesday, 7 March 2023 – 01:02 WIB VIVA Showbiz – Social media is currently busy with news about Indra Bekti, who allegedly did not receive donations from Raffi Ahmad. This issue arose when Bekti appeared as a guest star on a television program hosted by Raffi Ahmad and Irfan Hakim. During the event, Bekti allegedly … Read more

United States | “I can’t stop crying”: her daughter surprises her father by revealing that he secretly donated her kidney | Delayne Ivanowski | donation | World

Delayne Ivanowski kept a secret for eight months from her father who would be her kidney donor. Photo: composition LR/Delayne Ivanowski/Facebook the deep love that Delayne Ivanowski, a 25 year old girl missouri, United States, has towards his father, John Ivanowski, allowed to save his life, after he decided anonymously donate your kidney so that … Read more