Comedy Meets Noir: A Hilarious and Intriguing Theatrical Production with Great Characters

2023-06-10 06:43:19 Accompanied on stage by Vito Sanz, Lorena López, Francisco Reyes and Amparo Fernández, the Catalan actress offers a comedy that delves into the noir genre at the Victoria Eugenia today at half past seven in the afternoon and tomorrow half an hour before to show a story that takes place in a half-empty … Read more

The moment a Russian fighter crashes into a US drone in the Black Sea

The images confirm Washington’s version that the Moscow plane deliberately hit the drone, which ended up at the bottom of the sea. USA declassified material to show how his version of events between two Russian fighters and one of his drones on Tuesday in the Black Sea is correct. The drone, according to Washington, was … Read more

a drone attacked the headquarters of the Russian Fleet in the Black Sea in Crimea

At least 19 people were killed, including a child, and 44 others were a series of bombings carried out by Russian troops in the Kharkov region on August 17 and 18, the region’s police chief, Volodimir Tymoschko, revealed on Friday. The police chief said rescuers are still searching under the rubble of a building … Read more