Index – Abroad – Russia and China vetoed the resolution urging an immediate cease-fire in Gaza

On Friday, Russia and China vetoed the proposed resolution submitted by the United States to the UN Security Council, which calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in the fighting between Israel and Hamas in order to protect civilians and deliver humanitarian aid, reports MTI. In the 15-member council, 11 member … Read more

Gaza: Transforming into a Museum like Auschwitz – Controversial Proposal by Israeli Town Leader

2023-12-18 03:45:00 GAZA: The head of a town council in northern Israel has called for the Gaza Strip to be completely leveled and turned into a museum like Poland’s Auschwitz concentration camp, to discourage Palestinians from trying to live there again. “A security promontory must be established from the sea to the Gaza border fence. … Read more

Hollywood Pro-Palestinian Rally: Standing Against Censorship and Genocide

2023-12-06 13:58:00 California: Pro-Palestinian rally in Hollywood as actors face censorship for speaking out against Israel. Protesters gathered in front of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) offices in Beverly Hills chanting slogans of ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Cease fire immediately’. It is very important that everyone takes a stand against genocide. It is everyone’s human responsibility,’ … Read more

“Israeli Soldier’s Shocking Birthday Gift: Demolishing a Building in Gaza” – Ranking High in Google Searches

2023-11-28 02:42:00 Gaza: An Israeli soldier destroyed a building in Gaza as a birthday present for his two-year-old daughter. A video of the armed soldier standing with his colleagues is circulating on social media. In the video, he is seen saying in Hebrew that he is dedicating the explosion to his two-year-old daughter. ‘She is … Read more

Brown University Jewish Students Call for Divestment from Israeli Companies: The Fight for Ceasefire in Rhode Island

2023-11-24 10:53:00 RHODE ISLAND: Jewish students from Juice for Seafire Now (JFCN) at Brown University in the US have called for the university to withdraw investment from Israeli companies and join the call for a ceasefire. The students staged a five-hour long sit-in in front of the university president Christina Pax’s office to voice their … Read more

Gaza Water and Sewage Crisis: Threat of Infectious Diseases and Cholera Outbreak

2023-11-19 16:28:00 Gaza: The threat of infectious diseases, including cholera, as sewage flows into the streets of Gaza. Sewage flows when the sewage system is completely stopped. In addition to this, 2.3 million Gaza residents do not have access to potable water, making the situation worse. Children are forced to drink sewage and salt water … Read more

TikTok: Debunking Allegations of Pro-Palestinian Bias in the US

2023-11-19 11:13:00 New York: Video app Tiktok has denied allegations that it promotes pro-Palestinian posts in the United States. Republican Party leaders have come forward with accusations that TikTok is deliberately promoting pro-Palestinian content with the aim of changing the minds of American youth. TikTok points out that the existing hashtags ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Stand … Read more

Norway Parliament’s Resolution to Recognize Palestine as an Independent State

2023-11-17 09:46:00 Oslo: The Norwegian Parliament has approved the resolution to declare Palestine as an independent state. The ruling front presented the draft to overcome the resolution of the small parties to urgently recognize the state of Palestine. The draft proposal was passed by the parliament with an overwhelming majority. The Assembly calls on the … Read more