Gaza: Transforming into a Museum like Auschwitz – Controversial Proposal by Israeli Town Leader

2023-12-18 03:45:00

GAZA: The head of a town council in northern Israel has called for the Gaza Strip to be completely leveled and turned into a museum like Poland’s Auschwitz concentration camp, to discourage Palestinians from trying to live there again.

“A security promontory must be established from the sea to the Gaza border fence. To remember what was there before.

It should be reminiscent of the Auschwitz concentration camp,’ David Azoulai, chairman of the Metula Council, said in an interview with Israel’s Radio 103FM.

Azoulai said Palestinians should be sent to Lebanese refugee camps instead of being told to flee south in the face of the Israel-Hamas war.

‘Tell everyone in Gaza to go to the beach. Let the naval ships take the terrorists to the Lebanese coast.

There are already refugee camps in Lebanon. That’s where they should go. Gaza should be completely destroyed and left deserted to become a museum. To show the madness of the people who lived there before,’ said Azulai.

Azoulai’s town of Metula is located on the Israel-Lebanon border. He also said that if Israel does not show that it is strong in the war with Hamas, it will pave the way for Hezbollah’s attacks from the north.

“Hezbollah is assessing the situation in southern Gaza. If we don’t address it properly they will see it as a weakness.

No matter how powerful terrorism is, we cannot live in fear. We have to understand the situation and act,’ said Azoolai.

UN officials said last week that Israel was planning to deport Palestinians to Egypt, making it impossible for them to return.

Although Israel has rejected claims that Gaza residents will be permanently displaced, West Jerusalem MPs wrote in a Wall Street Journal article calling on the world to accept Palestinians willing to become refugees.

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