Holocaust Remembrance Day: Yad Vashem to honor David’s savior | life & knowledge

“It was ordinary people who risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazis,” says David Rossler (85) from Rebecq in Belgium. “I want to remind you of that.” David himself gets to live and see his own children and grandchildren grow up. Thanks to one man: George Bourlet (1896-1976), a surveyor from the Auderghem … Read more

Dozens of Christian graves in Jerusalem desecrated: alleged Orthodox Jews accused of attack | International

Two men dressed as Orthodox Jews are listed as the only suspects in vandalizing graves at the Christian cemetery on Mount Zion, symbolic of both religions. Dozens of graves in a Protestant cemetery in Jerusalem were desecrated, the local religious authorities reported this Wednesday, expressing their “dismay.” At the Protestant Cemetery in the Mount Zionwhere … Read more

“heute-show” causes outrage: ZDF program compares Musk with Goebbels | politics

“Today Show” caused outrage | ZDF program compares Musk with Goebbels This joke causes outrage! The editors of the public satirical program “heute-show” (ZDF) compared billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk (51) with Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. In a photo montage, Musk can be seen in a brown shirt and holding his cell phone. … Read more

Highest Jewish holiday: SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Regional

On the highest Jewish holiday | SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Well intentioned, badly done: Hesse’s SPD congratulated the Jews on Yom Kippur (October 4-5) on Facebook – and showed a photo of the Dome of the Rock! Although the building is in Jerusalem, it is one of the main Islamic shrines. also read … Read more

Man attacks rabbi in Berlin: He yelled JUDE, then attacked me | Regional

Man attacks rabbi in Berlin | He yelled JUDE, then attacked me Berlin – He was on the phone in Hebrew when he was attacked. Ariel Kirzon (43), state rabbi of the Jewish community in Potsdam, was on his way to the doctor with his son Levy (13) at 10:30 a.m. on Monday. “We got … Read more

“Judensau” at the Wittenberg town church does not have to be removed

Dhe abusive sculpture known as the Wittenberg “Judensau” may remain on the town church of Lutherstadt. Of the Federal Court of Justice dismissed the lawsuit against the lower court judgment of the Naumburg Higher Regional Court. The plaintiff, a member of a Jewish community, had demanded the removal of the sandstone relief from the 13th … Read more