The US does not have a “Plan B” for military assistance to Ukraine

The United States does not have a “Plan B” on the issue of military assistance to Ukraine, with the exception of $60 billion blocked by Congress, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, April 11, citing unnamed American officials. The White House is disappointed both by the Republicans, who have been delaying aid to Kyiv since the fall … Read more

A letter to the editor from 20 years ago, the clue to returning to a family the trace of their retaliated great-grandfather | News from Galicia

“Immediately, I am struck by the memory of my maternal great-grandfather, Victoriano López García, a native of Guadamur (Toledo), a good and simple person, a republican without exaltation or violence, who died in Ocaña prison, we believe that in 1941,” this writing continued. , 20 years ago. “He had the misfortune of raising up a … Read more

Trump continues his triumphant walk towards the Republican nomination with victories in Michigan, Idaho and Missouri |

Former President Donald Trump, Republican favorite in the November presidential elections, continues to score points in the race. Despite the vast judicial offensive he faces – four criminal proceedings for which he is accused of 91 charges in total – Trump has won this Saturday the 39 delegates at stake at a Republican convention in … Read more

Actress Gina Carano sues Disney after being fired from ‘The Mandalorian’ for comparing Republicans to Jews in the Holocaust | Television

Flamboyant heat on social media can be very expensive. As much as it costs the job. Tell that to Gina Carano, a 41-year-old Texan actress, who lost one of the great professional opportunities of her life because of an ill-advised tweet. Her comparison between the hatred of Jews during the Nazi Holocaust and that which, … Read more

Annalena Baerbock’s Bold Move: Interview on Fox News Highlights Germany’s Stance on Global Issues

2023-09-17 06:48:00 Germany was already asleep when Annalena Baerbock entered a television studio in Washington DC. The fact that the German Foreign Minister gives an interview to domestic media in the USA while on a trip abroad is part of the deal. The fact that the Green politician is going to the right-wing channel Fox … Read more

Senator Mitch McConnell’s Health Condition and Recent Incidents: Official Statement by Capitol Physician

2023-09-01 08:11:00 I wrote: Nihal Abu Al-Saud Friday, September 01, 2023 11:11 AM Senator’s office issued Mitch McConnell The leader of the Republicans in the US Senate issued a statement from the attending physician at the Capitol after an incident that sparked concern when he appeared to freeze for half a minute while answering reporters’ … Read more

Protecting Animal Welfare: The Battle for Cage-Free Eggs Under Threat by the EATS Act

2023-07-28 16:53:49 Recently, egg racks in American supermarkets have seen a very significant change. Instead of eggs from caged chickens, eggs from free-range chickens have been placed here. This points to a major change resulting from the fight against caged farming. However, this progressive change is expected to be reversed by the new bill proposed … Read more