Norway announces, at COP28, a new donation of R$245 million to the Amazon Fund

2023-12-11 12:56:14

The donated resources must promote, above all, measures to combat deforestation and promote sustainable development in the Amazon region

Norway announced this Monday a new donation of R$245 million to the Amazon Fund, in the midst of COP28, taking place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The announcement was made by the Scandinavian country’s Minister of Climate and Environment, Andreas Bjelland Eriksen, during a panel celebrating 15 years of Brazil’s initiative, managed by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and led by the Ministry of the Environment Environment (MMA).

The donated resources must promote, above all, measures to combat deforestation and promote the sustainable development of the Amazon region through the Fund, which is the largest project to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) in the world. The initiative also highlights Norway’s role in the Fund, whose contribution was pioneering and represents the largest amount, with more than R$3 billion donated.

Tereza Campello, Socio-Environmental Director at BNDES, stated that “this announcement renews Norway’s commitments and is a demonstration of confidence that, with the Lula government, we have resumed the fight against deforestation, after four years in which the Amazon Fund was paralyzed”, he emphasized. The announcement was attended by Minister Marina Silva (MMA) and the BNDES Environment Superintendent, Nabil Kadri.

Other donations

The Amazon Fund also received an additional contribution of R$215 million from the United Kingdom during the summit. This year, donations to the European Union (R$110 million) and Denmark (R$105 million) also announced. In 2023, the Fund received R$110 million from the German government, and signed a contract for the contribution of around R$500 million from the British government, in addition to R$30 million from the Swiss government and R$15 million from the United States, whose The total donation disclosed is approximately R$2.4 billion, with no defined deadline.

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The year 2023 stood out for the restructuring of the Amazon Fund and its operational and institutional structures, with the reissue of the Decree that establishes the Fund and determines its governance, the recomposition of the steering committee, the COFA, and the review of the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (PPCDAm) and the Biennium Guidelines and Focus applicable to the Fund.

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