Controversial Lidl Incident: Customer’s Outrage Over Flawed Perceptions of Flour Packaging

2023-10-28 17:43:00

It is difficult to precisely date the moment of the scene which took place this week in the Lidl in Genk. The video allows us to understand what happened when a customer arrived in the supermarket to complain. The reason ? The color of a packet of flour. As reported by our colleagues from Latest news, the blue and white of the packaging meant, according to the customer, that the brand supported Israel. But this is flour of French origin…

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An explanation which did not satisfy her since she maintained her position and wanted a refund, despite the comments of the cashier and other customers. “I want my money back, I’m not satisfied,” she says to the cashier while filming the moment. “You can see it in the packaging! It’s Israeli packaging! Give me my money back,” she insists, getting more and more angry.

When other people ask her to calm down, she doesn’t hold back. “No, I’m not calm! These people are going to die because of Israel.” Even when she gets her money back, the customer sues. “I won’t come here anymore. I’m going to Albert Heijn,” she says before finally leaving.

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