Alleged Linguistic Discrimination: Doctor Refuses Sick Leave for Speaking Valencian

2023-10-31 03:59:23 A resident of the Valencian town of Catarroja reports having suffered an alleged case of linguistic discrimination in which her doctor refused to process her sick leave for not speak to him in Spanish. According to the patient, the doctor pressured her to stop speaking in Valencian and then the health center coordinator … Read more

CGSP Education Work Stoppage: Teachers Protest Against Violence from Parents at Ecole du Center

2023-10-16 14:48:56 A work stoppage of Seresian teachers affiliated with the CGSP Education is planned for Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Teachers affiliated with the CGSP have decided to stop work from 8:30 a.m. to 9:19 a.m. to meet in front of the Ecole du Center in Jemeppe-sur -Meuse to protest against verbal and physical violence … Read more

The Crisis of Dialysis Patients in Lebanon: Promises and Pending Payments

2023-09-28 13:05:00 The crisis of dialysis patients has returned to the forefront. This crisis quickly subsides and flares up again. More than 4,000 patients are hostage to “promises” that are still pending, while doctors can no longer continue with this approach, and hospitals are raising their voices more to obtain their late payments. Since the … Read more

“Breaking News: List of 34 Threatened Exchanges in Beirut – Ogero’s Director General Warns of Impending Shutdowns”

2023-05-31 12:59:00 An-Nahar obtained a list of exchanges that are threatened to stop, successively, according to date, which includes 34 centers, in addition to all Beirut centers that will stop starting next Sunday. The Director General of Ogero, Imad Kreidieh, previously announced to An-Nahar that “30 exchanges are threatened to stop working from today until … Read more

“Breaking News: Woman Killed by Policemen in New York City – Exclusive Video Footage”

2023-05-12 00:39:05 Exclusive translation: A video clip documented the moment a woman was killed by policemen after she threatened to stab her husband with a knife, inside her home in northern New York City, USA. The video, published by the Daily Mail newspaper, showed a number of New York policemen inside a house due to … Read more

“Armed Man with Crossbow Threatens Partner: Police Response in Rossignol”

2023-04-27 11:46:35 This Thursday morning around 11:40 a.m., the police arrived in large numbers in front of a house on rue de Marbehan in Rossignol. A 34-year-old man, armed with a crossbow, threatened to kill his partner with whom he had had a romantic relationship for a month. The area was immediately cordoned off. Police, … Read more

“He had issued a death threat to them.”

The correctional court of Liège has decided to consult a service that specializes in treating sex offenders before giving its judgment on a resident of Grâce-Hollogne who is accused of raping and sexually assaulting two young girls aged 15 and 17 with mental disabilities. The defendant met one of the victims on Facebook and invited … Read more