“Armed Man with Crossbow Threatens Partner: Police Response in Rossignol”

2023-04-27 11:46:35

This Thursday morning around 11:40 a.m., the police arrived in large numbers in front of a house on rue de Marbehan in Rossignol. A 34-year-old man, armed with a crossbow, threatened to kill his partner with whom he had had a romantic relationship for a month. The area was immediately cordoned off. Police, equipped with bulletproof vests, were on the spot.

The madman’s companion and her baby managed to leave the scene when the police arrived. After being locked in the house for several hours, the man fled through the back of the house. The police went straight after him. And after a few minutes of pursuit, the individual returned to his house on foot in a quiet manner. He surrendered to the police around 1:35 p.m.

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