Cultivating Well-Being: A Guide to Mindfulness and Personal Growth

2023-11-26 14:44:23 How many times do we want to find well-being without assuming that this process entails responsibility? Cultivating well-being requires dedicating time, attention and intention to training it. Taking responsibility is acquiring a commitment to our ability to respond to what happens to us. It means not being a passive agent of circumstances, nor … Read more

Rise of Illegal Gambling Sites in Belgium: What You Need to Know

2023-11-14 18:00:48 Gambling in Belgium represents a colossal windfall of money. For the National Lottery, of course, as well as for the sixty “legal” companies which have obtained a license for Belgium. Then there are the others. Those that don’t have one and are considered illegal. As of October 19, the Gambling Commission had put … Read more

Environmental Potential of Abandoned Offshore Oil Rigs: From Threats to Solutions

2023-11-10 06:41:31 The world’s oceans are a graveyard for tens of thousands of abandoned offshore oil rigs. There are more than 32 thousand of them in the waters of the United States alone. More and more rigs are continually being retired as oil fields age and global energy markets and fuel policies shift further away … Read more

Understanding Pet Prescription Jars: A Comprehensive Guide for Pet Owners

2023-11-10 08:44:35 Pet prescription jars may still be a relatively unfamiliar term to ordinary pet owners, but when our furry children face health problems, prescription jars may become a very important maintenance option. What exactly is a prescription jar? What’s so special about it? Let’s discuss it today~ 🍀What are pet prescription cans? Pet prescription … Read more

Persistent Housing Issues in Morlanwelz: Bérangère Platbroot and Ludyvine’s Struggle

2023-11-03 04:55:00 Bérangère Platbroot and his wife Ludyvine have rarely experienced moments of respite in the social housing they occupy in Morlanwelz. Six years ago, the first floods occurred in the rooms. Since then, the problems have accumulated… Bérangère Platbroot no longer even dares to welcome people into her home. -DC Read also Marina, 21, … Read more