“Breaking News: Woman Killed by Policemen in New York City – Exclusive Video Footage”

2023-05-12 00:39:05

Exclusive translation: A video clip documented the moment a woman was killed by policemen after she threatened to stab her husband with a knife, inside her home in northern New York City, USA.

The video, published by the Daily Mail newspaper, showed a number of New York policemen inside a house due to the distress of one of the house members, as a quarrel broke out between Jenny Faith, 34, her husband and their three children.

And the video shows that a policeman arrested Faith, and while he was holding her to get her out of the house, she grabbed a knife and tried to kill her husband, while the policemen tried to stop her while shouting “knife.”

The video showed that Faith did not comply with the policemen’s instructions to leave the knife, so one of them shot her, while her husband shouted, “Don’t shoot her.”

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