“Srisuwan Attack: Exposing the Truth Behind the Election Controversy”

2023-05-12 04:32:00

“Srisuwan” posted on Facebook to expose information – open a picture of “Uncle Thosaphol”, a hand clapping, sitting close to a famous political party, asking back, there is no one behind it.

from the case of Mr. Thosaphol, 67 years old, who claimed to be a retired teacher Walk in and slap your face Ready to shout that Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution Who provided information about the digital money policy of the Pheu Thai Party (Phea Thai Party), the Office of the Election Commission (ECT) causing Mr. Srisuwan’s lips to have a bleeding wound.

Most recently, Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution Post a message via Facebook “Srisuwan Janya” stating that a few pictures, but can explain millions of words, namely

1. The person who physically assaulted me on May 11, in front of the Election Commission of Thailand. He is a former teacher at a private university, but is no longer working. But I am a member of a political party whose leader has a case against me in the criminal court.

2. Looking back on all the history, it was found that he was a person who had filed a petition to petition against the power of the state. Regarding the issuance of the Order of Section 44 of the NCPO before, and had previously submitted a petition asking General Prayut Chan-o-cha to be removed from the prime minister position as well.

3. Such a person claims to have come to run errands at the Government Center. come to dine with friends Nobody hired me to hurt me. Accidentally saw me standing for an interview with the media, so he came to listen. therefore persisting because he claimed that I kept crying

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4. Happened to such a day. The Election Commission of Thailand invited me to give a statement on the case of the request to review the party’s policy – I’m right, Mam!!! What exactly coincides with these photos? Which is shared a lot on social media at the moment

5. Ok, no one is behind for sure…wi

Election 2023: “Srisuwan” was attacked twice, less than a year apart, the main cause of complaints.

Election 2023: “Srisuwan” confirms that the man invaded his mouth to the end Claim 1 million damages

A mysterious man attacked “Srisuwan”, claiming he was dissatisfied with crying and obstructing the election.

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