The Frustrating Winter Struggles of Belgian Heating Engineer Sil Van Hoorebeke

2023-12-01 18:40:00

While some are delighted with the return of snow and winter conditions, this is not the case for everyone. Like, for example, Sil Van Hoorebeke, a 36-year-old Belgian heating engineer. In fact, every time it freezes, the alarms on his van go off, forcing Sil to have it towed. A situation far from ideal for an independent heating engineer…

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“When I bought it, three years ago, it broke down after only five kilometers,” Sil tells our colleagues at Het Laatste Nieuws, presenting his Fiat Ducato, which only has 26,000 kilometers on it. on the meter. “And now, every time it freezes overnight, I know it won’t start the next morning. So I have to call a tow truck every time. Eventually, they know me personally…”

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Although the thirty-year-old still benefits from a five-year warranty and insurance, the situation is far from ideal for his professional activity. “An independent heating engineer who can’t work when it’s freezing, can you imagine? My clients understand that the problem is beyond my control, but I have to postpone my appointments each time and catch up, it is not sustainable…”

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Over the last three years, the van has had to be towed around thirty times. And despite several interventions, nothing changes. Sil even contacted his car dealership, even going so far as to contact Fiat, to try to get another van. Without success… “Fiat really deserves the prize for creativity for wasting time,” criticizes the heating engineer. “According to them, the problem comes from me. This would come from diesel or AdBlue. I hope to be reimbursed, but in the long run, we end up giving up…”

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