Cupping Methods in China: An In-Depth Look at Traditional Techniques and Practices

2023-08-29 20:26:49

Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip documenting the method of cupping in China.

The clip documented two different ways to implement cupping for patients in China.

And during the clip, one of the patients was sleeping on his stomach while a number of large copper cups were placed on the patient’s shoulders, and the shoulder joint from above, while two large glasses of glass were placed on both sides of the back near the position of the kidneys in the body.

And the clip explained, a large copper vessel was placed between the patient’s shoulders from above, with a fire burning in its mouth, and below it a smaller vessel in its mouth was also on fire.

Another patient appears, sleeping on his stomach and placing a large number of copper cups of various sizes on all areas of his back.

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