Challenges in Precarious Contracts and Independent Employment at RTBF: A CGSP Perspective

2023-10-03 12:10:08

“Several of our colleagues have seen or will see the end of their fixed-term contracts (CDD) or replacement contracts (CDR) while their presence remains essential to the proper functioning of the production and distribution of our content” , indicates the CGSP. According to the union, many people alternate between precarious contracts and employment with a temp company, what it describes as “turn over”, sometimes for more than four years without interruption, or who are pushed by the RTBF to become independent.

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Furthermore, the culture sector of the CGSP defends independent affiliates, but refuses to allow the use of independents to become a method of recruitment for functions linked to the management and production forces of RTBF, specifies the union.

For the CGSP, the objective of this strike is a meeting with the human resources department and the general administrator of the RTBF Jean-Paul Philippot, the president of the Walloon Regional Inter (IRW) of the CGSP told Belga. RTBF, Bernard Gabus.

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