Of all the arts, air defense is the most important – Newspaper Kommersant No. 190 (7391) dated 10/13/2022

On October 12, Brussels hosted the sixth meeting of the contact group on the defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format, which brought together representatives of over 50 countries at NATO headquarters. During the meeting, it became known that NATO and other allies of Kyiv decided to reconsider the priorities of their support and focus … Read more

University of Oviedo: Medicine, the only degree that maintains the cut-off mark above 13

Examination of the Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EBAU) at the Mieres campus. / BROWN The third list of admitted students comes out, open to the students of the EBAU in July The University today publishes the third degree admitted list and how are the Cutting notes. Medicine it is the only race that maintains … Read more

Dollar passes above the euro for the first time in history – Financial Sector – Economy

For the first time, since when the euro was released as currency in the European Union, the dollar exceeded its price and stood at 0.98: that is, each dollar is equal to 0.98 euro cents. Around 9 in the morning this Friday, the price in euros per dollar rose to 0.99 euro cents, and then … Read more

TRM today: price of the dollar today June 9, 2022 in Colombia | Economic indicators

The price of the dollar in Colombia rose this Thursday, June 9, and traded on average above 3,800 pesos. (Vea: Colombia, the fourth Latin American country that receives the most foreign investment). The currency opened the day at 3,801 pesos and, in the first hours, it only registered prices above the barrier of 3,800 pesos. … Read more

Bai Rui Ying: Short-term fluctuations are violent and should not be too aggressive jqknews

【Pre-market interpretation】 On Friday, the market was again blocked at the 3150 point platform and fluctuated within a narrow range.Shanghai IndexOpened high and closed in the red at the end of the session, while the Shenzhen market performed slightly weaker and ended in green. In the early stage, we reminded the rebound to pay attention … Read more