Clarification Portrait of Ivan Gunawan, who immediately responds to Nikita Mirzani’s accusations from Dubai: Intention to help Mother Corla, whose life is difficult

No Ivan Gunawan recently been in the spotlight after being suspected of playing a witch doctor and wanting to harm him Nikita Mirzani. And recently, Igun immediately clarified and responded to Nikita Mirzani’s accusations that he and Maharani Kemala took advantage of Corla’s mother, who is currently being discussed. Ivan Gunawan responded that he really … Read more

The difficult efforts of Giorgio Jackson to avoid the Constitutional Accusation against him | National

The Review Commission that analyzes the Constitutional Accusation against the Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson, heard the arguments of the Republican Party, 7 days before the deadline for the Secretary of State to present his defense. At this time, Jackson’s efforts are in turmoil to secure the votes to bring down the impeachment trial. … Read more

The war between Carlsen and Niemann grows in the world of chess

Magnus Carlsen fuels the war against Hans Niemann after his two retirements: “He has cheated more than he admits.” Shakedown in world chess Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, current world chess championstated this Monday, through a statement on his Twitter space, that the American Hans Niemann “He has cheated more – and more recently – than he … Read more

Live ticker about the death of the Queen: Charges after the incident at Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

Updated on 09/18/2022 at 11:45 am 11:43 am: Ex-Archbishop: Queen didn’t want a boring funeral 11:06 am: ➤ Man charged after arrest in front of Queen’s coffin 10:37 a.m.: Local residents distribute tea and coffee at the beginning of the queue 09:14: John Kerry: King Charles should continue to fight for the climate 8:35 a.m … Read more

It’s official: Byron Castillo will not testify before FIFA due to Chile’s complaint against him | Football

Andrés Holguín, lawyer for Byron Castillo, assures that the Ecuadorian national team will not appear before FIFA to give his version of Chile’s accusation of changing nationality The lawyer for the Ecuadorian national team player Byron Castillo, Andrés Holguín, confirmed that his representative will not attend the hearing before FIFA this Thursdaywhere the governing body … Read more

Chilean World Champion evaluates defending another country: accuses aggression by DT and mistreatment by the Federation | Sports

One of the figures of Team Chile, a candidate to win a medal at the Paris Olympic Games, claimed to be experiencing the most difficult moment of his career and analyzes representing another country Despite the leading role achieved at the international level, canoeing world champion and candidate to hang a medal at the Olympic … Read more