WhatsApp: what differences are there between the new and old user interface | DATA

2023-12-12 07:57:00 If you have not downloaded the beta of WhatsApp Messenger for Android users, it is likely that you do not know the new main interface of the application, since it has changed radically unlike its classic style that accompanied it for many years, therefore, since Mag let’s compare the new and old design. … Read more

Last WhatsApp update in December: learn about the new tools | SPORT-PLAY

2023-12-12 06:54:00 Many have not realized it, but WhatsApp Messenger has just launched a recent update in the Apple App Store, which brings with it a total of three new functions that users have been asking for for a long time. Do you want to know what they are? At Depor we mention them below. … Read more

use and advantages in logistics and industry

2023-12-04 17:30:09 Discover the uses and advantages of manual pallet trucks in logistics and industries, and their impact on productivity and health at work. This will also interest you [EN VID√ČO] The Hercules exoskeleton which gives demigod strength The Hercules exoskeleton presented in demonstration. It mechanically supports the load carried on the back and… Pallet … Read more

Toolbank USA: Providing Free Disaster Tools in Louisiana and Establishing Permanent Presence

2023-11-24 10:03:11 A nonprofit brought free tools to help Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida, and now it’s setting up a permanent presence in the state. Toolbank USA is a nonprofit that lends and/or rents out tools to other organizations. It has two arms to its organization: the disaster arm and the affiliate arm. … Read more

[Market Eye]Stocks: Nikkei Stock Average / Daily “Small Yin Line”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones | Reuters

2023-08-29 05:14:00 [Tokyo, 29th Archyde.com]- The Nikkei Stock Average and daily chart are “small shade lines”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones Nikkei Stock Average and daily charts have become “small shade lines” with whiskers on the top and bottom. The closing price is 32,226.97 yen. With the lack of new … Read more

WhatsApp: the trick to find someone’s profile without having added it | DEPOR-PLAY

2023-08-28 20:10:00 A few months ago, you still had to add a person on WhatsApp to locate them among your contact list, it was the only way to start chatting with him or her, however, the aforementioned instant messaging service deployed a little-known tool , which allows you to search for the profile of any … Read more

How to change WhatsApp number while keeping your conversations | DEPOR-PLAY

2023-08-21 22:34:02 Are you thinking of changing your number? discover how to do it in detail without losing your messages, images, videos, etc. What are the requirements to use WhatsApp? be thirteen years old or older and have a working SIM card, at least at the beginning, since to register you need to enter a … Read more

Find out if your WhatsApp contacts silenced you | DEPOR-PLAY

2023-08-14 02:16:40 Almost all of 2022, the developers of WhatsApp dedicated themselves to creating the “multi-device mode”, this year has been different, since the aforementioned messaging platform has not stopped presenting updates and now has dozens of new tools, such as: link two accounts in the same application, join channels that share information of interest … Read more