Uber’s operating profit outlook for the current quarter is stronger than expected for the first quarter | Reuters

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Europe Excludes SWIFT for Additional Sanctions Against Russia, Largest Gradual Embargo on Crude Oil | Reuters

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Apple’s January-March quarter, profits and sales hit record highs Impact of supply constraints expanding | Reuters

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Florida Senate Passes Disney “Autonomy” Deprivation Bill Retribution for LGBT Education Law Opposition | Reuters

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Netflix stock price plummeted by more than 30%, sharp drop for the first time in 18 years | Reuters

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Taiwanese TV station apologizes, China attacks and false alarms | Reuters

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Shanghai, China, city blockade, residents complain of food shortage | Reuters

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Saki U.S. spokesman retires in a few weeks or is a candidate for successor.

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Angle: Mr. Trump’s political group, abundant financial power is also a mystery of “reluctance to put out” | Reuters

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Russia, Phase 1 of Military Operation Almost Completed Ro Army Dead 1351 = Department of Defense | Reuters

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