[Market Eye]Stocks: Nikkei Stock Average / Daily “Small Yin Line”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones | Reuters

2023-08-29 05:14:00 [Tokyo, 29th Archyde.com]- The Nikkei Stock Average and daily chart are “small shade lines”, lack of sense of direction due to achievement of milestones Nikkei Stock Average and daily charts have become “small shade lines” with whiskers on the top and bottom. The closing price is 32,226.97 yen. With the lack of new … Read more

US Tesla, China-made EV new car sales in July decreased by 31% from the previous month = industry group | Reuters

2023-08-03 16:05:00 According to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on the 3rd, US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla sold 64,285 new EVs made in China in July, down 31% from the previous month. Photo taken in January 2021 (2023 REUTERS/Tingshu Wang/File Photo) BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Archyde.com) – U.S. electric vehicle giant Tesla’s sales … Read more

The Truth About Aspartame: Is it Really Carcinogenic? Find Out the Facts

2023-07-13 23:15:00 The artificial sweetener aspartame is potentially carcinogenic to humans, but remains safe at acceptable intake levels. Pictured is a shelf of sodas at a supermarket in Pasadena, California. Photo taken in June 2020 (2023 REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni) LONDON (Archyde.com) – The artificial sweetener aspartame may be carcinogenic to humans, but it remains safe at … Read more

[Market Eye]Stocks: The Nikkei Stock Average continues to decline in the previous day, profit-taking sales intensify Trading company stocks are cheap | Reuters

2023-06-23 01:57:00 [Tokyo 23rd Archyde.com]- The Nikkei Stock Average in the previous day continues to fall, profit-taking sales intensify. It fell to 33 sen. It started high in the morning, but gradually turned negative due to profit-taking selling. The fall in trading company stocks, which had risen sharply during the high stock market, was conspicuous. … Read more

Tokyo Stock Market News and Updates: Nikkei Average Falls Slightly, US House Committee Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

2023-05-31 00:40:00 [東京 31日 ロイター] –   <10:33> 日経平均はやや下げ幅縮 小、米下院委が債務上限停止法案を可決 日経平均はやや下げ幅を縮小し、前営業日比約215円安の3万1100円台前半で 推移している。米下院議事運営委員会が30日、連邦債務上限を一時的に停止する法案を 7対6の賛成多数で可決したとの報道が材料視されている。市場では「ダウの下落や円高 をきっかけに、(日経平均は)5月の急上昇の反動の範囲内で今のところは推移している 」(国内証券のストラテジスト)との声が聞かれた。 個別では、ファーストリテイリングが1.1%安で引き続き軟調。一方、三 菱UFJフィナンシャル・グループやみずほフィナンシャルグループな ど銀行株は小じっかりで推移している。 <09:05> 日経平均は反落で寄り付く、利益確定売りが優勢 寄り付きの東京株式市場で日経平均は、前営業日比271円07銭安の3万1057 円09銭と、反落してスタートした。このところの急ピッチな株価上昇を受け、利益確定 売りが優勢となった。寄り付き後も下げ幅を拡大しており、東証33業種では銀行以外が 値下がりしている。 個別では、指数寄与度の大きいファーストリテイリングや東京エレクトロン が軟調。主力のトヨタ自動車も1.4%安。一方、三菱UFJフィナン シャル・グループは小幅高で推移している。 <08:20> 寄り前の板状況、NJSが買い優勢 タカラスタンダードは売り優 勢 東証プライム市場の寄り前の板状況では、買い優勢と売り優勢のそれぞれ上位銘柄群 は以下の通り。 買い優勢 銘柄名 騰落 MID気 買気 売気 終値 率 配 配 配 1 NJS 21% 2,840 2,840 2,840 2,340 2 モバイルファクトリー 18% 984 984 984 834 3 日野自動車 14% 631 … Read more

“27 Republican Senators Call for Withdrawal of EPA’s Car Emissions Plan: Analysis and Reactions”

2023-05-26 04:50:00 Twenty-seven Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to withdraw from the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut emissions from new cars by 2032. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C., September 2023. REUTERS/SARAH SILBIGER WASHINGTON (Archyde.com) – Twenty-seven U.S. Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to back down on the Environmental Protection … Read more

Soros’ fund cuts Tesla stakes, buys Netflix shares | Reuters

2023-05-14 23:26:00 slide show ( 2 images ) NEW YORK (Archyde.com) – Billionaire investor George Soros’ family office, Soros Fund Management, is set to sell electric-vehicle makers Tesla, Rivian Automotive and Walt Disney in the first quarter. While reducing its shareholding in , it added a new position in Netflix, a video distribution company, according … Read more

Italy bans use of chat GPT Concern about collecting personal information for the first time in Europe and America | Reuters

Italian authorities have suspended access to Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Microsoft-funded startup OpenAI, on the 31st, and the collection of huge amounts of data may violate personal information protection laws. announced that it had launched an investigation. February 9 (2023 Archyde.com/Florence Lo/Illustration/File Photo) [ミラノ/ストックホルム 31日 ロイター] – On the 31st, the … Read more