Column: A virtual image of the “bad yen depreciation” theory, fortune-telling the whereabouts of the structural depreciation = Osamu Takashima | Reuters

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Ukraine transports Russian gas to Europe, partly suspended | Reuters

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Approximately 25 million tons of grain stayed in Ukraine and could not be exported due to war = United Nations | Reuters

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Fall in crude oil futures, pay attention to EU’s move over Russia’s oil embargo | Reuters

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Focus: North American oil production boom, wall, harsh conditions and unmanageable | Reuters

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President of Russia “Preparing a Humanitarian Corridor in Mariupol”, Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister | Reuters

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BP in the UK, profits increase sharply in the first quarter Reuters to expand share buybacks | Reuters

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EU prepares for additional sanctions against Russia Germany supports crude oil embargo | Reuters

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Angle: Inflationary pressure on the taste of the common people, the world economy reflected by kakiage soba | Reuters

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Russia missiles attack on Ukrainian capital, UN Secretary-General is visiting | Reuters

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