Today’s stock outlook = ups and downs, wait-and-see wait-and-see policy-making meeting European stock prices support | Reuters

[Tokyo 18th Reuters]–The Nikkei Stock Average is expected to move across the previous day’s closing price (28,333.52 yen) on the Tokyo stock market today. While … Read more

Angle: “Invariant” Japanese market after elections, low-level stability, good or bad | Reuters

[Tokyo 1st Reuters]–Although the LDP presidential election, the lower house election and political events have ended, the environment surrounding the Japanese market may remain almost … Read more

Oil prices stay near multi-year highs, global energy supply continues to be tight | Reuters

Reuters, New York, October 19-Crude oil futures rose on Tuesday, approaching multi-year highs. Global energy supply continues to be tight, and the temperature drop in … Read more

Today’s stock outlook = weak and anaerobic about the fall in US stocks.

[東京 1日 ロイター] – きょうの東京株式市場で日経平均株価は、弱もちあいが想定されている。前日の米国 株式市場で主要3指数が総じて下落したことを嫌気して、売り優勢で始まりそうだ。ただ 、日本株はこれまでの下げによって高値警戒感が和らいだことから下値では押し目を買う 動きも想定され、売り買いが交錯してもみあうとみられる。 日経平均の予想レンジは2万9100円─2万9600円。 前営業日終値 年初来高値 年初来安値 日経平均   29452.66 30795.78 26954.81              -91.63 2021年9月14 2021年8月20    日 日 シカゴ日経平均先物 29305(円建て … Read more