Cyber ​​attacks on Russia surge, foreign product reduction counter = Putin | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin said cyberattacks on Russia by foreign “national institutions” have swelled several times, and that cybersecurity needs to be strengthened by reducing … Read more

UN Secretary-General enters Turkey on 25th, refraining from visiting Russia and Ukraine | Reuters

On April 23, the United Nations announced that Secretary-General António Guterres (pictured) will visit Turkey on the 25th to meet with President Erdogan. Photo taken … Read more

Ingres: Mariupol’s citizens deported to Russia crave to return | Reuters

[Kiev19thReuters]–Mira Panchenko, 53, escaped from the siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, under the protection of pro-Russian factions, unable to withstand the shortage of … Read more

Florida Senate Passes Disney “Autonomy” Deprivation Bill Retribution for LGBT Education Law Opposition | Reuters

On April 20, the Florida Senate introduced a bill to deprive the state of Orlando’s “Walt Disney World” of special tax incentives and special control … Read more

5.03 million evacuation from Ukraine, mostly from Poland to EU = UN | Reuters

According to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the 20th, 5.03 million people have fled the country from Ukraine after … Read more

Focus: Palestinian Conflict Again Intensified, Clashes in Jerusalem on Holy Moon | Reuters

[Jerusalem 15th Reuters]— Now, during Ramadan (fasting month) in Islam, Israeli police and Palestinians are clashing in Jerusalem. One year after the clash in Jerusalem … Read more

Column: Developing countries that do not support sanctions against Russia, “long-standing grudges” in the west | Reuters

[London, 11th Reuters]-March, when Russian troops continued to fight in Ukraine and Western nations sought support for sanctions against Russia from around the world. South … Read more

Russia, near eastern Ukraine, large-scale attack or Mariupol’s focus | Reuters

[Lviv (Ukraine) 11th Reuters]–Ukraine said on the 11th that Russian troops are shifting their focus to the occupation of eastern Ukraine and will soon launch … Read more

Russian troops, Kyiv, etc. attack = Head of the Chechen Republic | Reuters

On April 11, Russia’s Chechen Republic chief Kadyrov (pictured) announced that Russian troops would attack not only the besieged Mariupol port but also the capital … Read more

Ukrainian President “Russia Invasion, All Europe Targets” Sanctions Tightened | Reuters

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech on the 9th that Russia’s invasion is not limited to Ukraine, but targets the whole of Europe, … Read more