“Breaking the IVF Ban: China’s Growing Demand for Fertility Treatments”

2023-05-06 21:43:00 HONG KONG/BEIJING (Archyde.com) – The case of 33-year-old Chen Luojin could offer a breakthrough in China’s efforts to put the brakes on its shrinking population. If IVF is liberalized across the country, demand for IVF in China, already the world’s largest market for fertility treatments, could grow even further, raising expectations among investors. … Read more

Former UN ambassador Haley announces to run for US presidential election in 2024 | Reuters

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who served as UN ambassador under President Trump, will announce her candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on March 15. A person familiar with the matter said. He will face off against former President Trump, who has already announced his candidacy. Nikki Haley attends an event in Virginia … Read more

Angle: Iran protest demonstration, sudden death woman in the vortex is “ shy and distanced from politics ” | Reuters

DUBAI (UAE) (Archyde.com) – Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman who died suddenly after being detained by police, sparked protests across Iran. Sources close to her family say Amini is a shy, reserved woman from a small town who has never challenged religious leaders or Islamic law’s dress code. Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman whose … Read more

Mr. Mask intends to launch Space X ‘Starlink’ for Iranian citizens | Reuters

On September 23, Elon Musk (pictured), who is the CEO of US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla and also the CEO of US space development company SpaceX, said, , he showed the idea of ​​​​activating the small satellite communication system “Starlink” developed by the company. FILE PHOTO: Gruenheide, Germany, May 2022. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi (Archyde.com) – … Read more

Iran government strongly restrains protest demonstration as “enemy conspiracy” and fear of repression | Reuters

Iran’s military has said it will “stand up to the enemy’s machinations” behind protests over the wearing of scarves on women’s hair. With the authorities issuing stronger warnings than ever before, it could lead to crackdowns similar to those of past demonstrations. People participate in a government-organized demonstration in the capital Tehran on the same … Read more

Opinion: Did the movie “Daughters of Abdel Rahman” win for women in our society?

“They betray you and you surprise him… They beat you while you are sitting in the house.” A dialogue between the two sisters, Amal and Samah, in the movie “Daughters of Abdel Rahman” that summarizes the reality of women in our society. The film, written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, and produced by Saba … Read more

Focus: “I don’t want to give birth in China,” zero corona spurs declining births | Reuters

HONG KONG (Archyde.com) – Earlier this year, Shanghai went into a strict lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic. During that time, Claire Jian, 30, changed her life plan after witnessing the extraordinary rule of power by the Chinese authorities. She no longer wants to have children in China. On August 9th, earlier this year, Shanghai … Read more