Focus: Approaching Mr. Putin, the founder of Wagner is a hero or a pawn | Reuters

LONDON ( – At the end of the Soviet Union, 61-year-old Evgeny Prigozhin spent a miserable life in prison for theft. Now, as the founder of Russia’s most powerful mercenary group, he is trying to get even closer to gaining more “favor” from President Putin by showcasing his military successes in Ukraine. At the end … Read more

Angle: European warm winter “like summer”, salvation for energy crisis | Reuters

LONDON/BRUSSELS ( – Europe continues to experience record warmth through the end of the year and into the new year. Environmental activists have called for more urgent action to tackle climate change, a relief for governments struggling with rising natural gas prices. From Switzerland to Poland to Hungary, temperatures have hit record highs in the … Read more

Chinese EV companies maintain prices even after subsidies end US Tesla also | Reuters

On January 5, electric vehicle (EV) makers Tesla, China’s Xpeng Motor, and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile will start selling electric vehicles (EVs) this year despite the government’s termination of subsidies for electric vehicles (EVs) at the end of last year. We have no choice but to either keep the selling price unchanged in May or rather strengthen … Read more

Honda recalls 200,000 HVs in China = Market supervisory authority | Reuters

China’s State Administration for Market Supervision announced on the 29th that Honda will recall more than 200,000 hybrid vehicles (HVs). Photo: Dongfeng Honda Automobile’s Wuhan plant. Taken in April 2018. (2022 REUTERS/Aly Song) SHANGHAI, May 29 ( – China’s State Administration for Market Regulation said on Thursday that Honda will recall more than 200,000 hybrid … Read more

Amazon employees strike around the world on ‘Black Friday’ | Reuters Inc. employees at sites around the world, including in the U.S., Germany and France, are expected to go on strike to coincide with Black Friday, the year-end shopping season. Amazon’s logo is pictured. FILE PHOTO: Rowin Planck, northern France, March 15, 2020. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol [ベルリン 25日 ロイター] – Inc. employees at sites around … Read more

Focus: Russian nuclear forces are nearing large-scale exercises, the West needs “precise intentions” to see through | Reuters

BRUSSELS ( – Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons, and the country’s nuclear forces are expected to soon conduct a large-scale exercise called Grom. This leaves the United States and its allies with the critical task of knowing for sure whether Russia intends to move in earnest or if it is … Read more

Angle: Transgender minors, the number of treatments surged in the United States | Reuters

( – In the United States, as more transgender minors identify as a different gender than they were born with, they are seeking more gender reassignment medical care. recently worked with medical technology company Komodo Health to figure out the number of cases, which until now have been estimates. In the United States, as … Read more

Angle: 10,000 kilometers from Russia to escape mobilization, men’s long escape | Reuters

LONDON ( – Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a partial mobilization order over the invasion of Ukraine, brothers Timofey and Andrei from Moscow tried to buy tickets to leave Russia. But by the time they logged on to the purchase site, the prices had already skyrocketed and the few remaining tickets were out … Read more