Indonesian Coast Guard Seizes Iranian Supertanker Involved in Illegal Oil Transshipment: Maritime Security Strengthened

2023-07-11 05:41:00 The Indonesian Coast Guard Agency (BAKAMLA) announced on July 11 that it had seized an Iranian-flagged supertanker suspected of being involved in illegal transshipment of crude oil, and indicated a policy to strengthen maritime security. The photo shows the Iranian flagged MT Arman 114 and the Cameroonian flagged MTS Tinos, released by BAKAMLA … Read more

Putin Considers Withdrawing from Black Sea Initiative: Latest News and Updates

2023-06-13 19:20:00 Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he was considering withdrawing from the Black Sea Initiative. May 2022 (2023 REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) [モスクワ 13日 ロイター] – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on the 13th that he is considering withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement (Black Sea Initiative). In a teleconference, he … Read more

US Secretary of State Blinken Meets with Saudi Crown Prince to Discuss Bilateral Relations

2023-06-06 23:22:00 During a visit to Saudi Arabia, US Secretary of State Brinken met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and discussed bilateral relations. The state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on the 7th. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C. May 16, 2023. REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz CAIRO ( – US Secretary of State Brinken met with Crown Prince … Read more

“Victory Party Leader Endorses Opposition Candidate in Turkish Presidential Runoff”

2023-05-24 22:43:00 Turkey’s anti-immigrant political party “Victory Party” Ozder (pictured right), the leader of the party, supported the main opposition coalition candidate Kurchidaroglu (left) on May 24 in the presidential election run-off on May 28. Then expressed. The photo provided was taken in Ankara on the 24th. Alp Eren Kaya/Republican People’s Party (, 2023) [アンカラ … Read more

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu postpones dismissal of defense minister for the time being = stakeholder | Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured) will postpone the dismissal of Defense Minister Gallant, which was announced on March 26, for the time being. A person familiar with the matter said on April 3. Representative photo taken in Jerusalem on the 2nd (2023 REUTERS) JERUSALEM ( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has postponed the … Read more

Confusion over banks, major blow to investor sentiment = BofA survey | Reuters

A monthly survey by Bank of America (BofA) showed investor confidence plunged to its lowest level in 20 years after turmoil over U.S. banks and renewed recession fears this month. was done. ( Ruvic) LONDON ( – Investor confidence fell to a 20-year low after turmoil over U.S. banks and renewed recession fears this month, … Read more

Focus: Iran-Saudi normalization blitz agreement, sharp decline in US influence | Reuters

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON ( – Iran and Saudi Arabia’s surprise diplomatic deal offers a potential deterrent to Iran’s nuclear program and a chance to secure a ceasefire in Yemen. , there are many factors of interest to the United States. A surprise deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia on diplomatic normalization presents an intriguing factor for … Read more

Iran to purchase state-of-the-art fighter from Russia Strengthening military ties | Reuters

Iran has reached an agreement to purchase the Sukhoi-35, a state-of-the-art fighter jet, from Russia, according to state-run Iranian television, citing the Iranian mission to the United Nations. File photo of Sukhoi 35, taken in Russia, August 2021. ( Shemetov) DUBAI ( – Iran has reached an agreement to buy Russia’s newest Sukhoi-35 fighter jets, … Read more