BRICS Expansion: Over 40 Countries Eager to Join the Group

2023-07-20 21:38:00 South Africa’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on July 20 that more than 40 countries are interested in joining the BRICS group. (From left) Brazilian Foreign Minister Vieira, South African Foreign Minister Pandol and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov attend a press conference at the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa … Read more

Russian Private Military Company Wagner Fighters Engage in Armed Uprising in Belarus: Ukrainian and Polish Officials Confirm

2023-07-16 03:18:00 Ukrainian and Polish officials said on July 15 that fighters from the Russian private military company Wagner, which launched an armed uprising in June, had arrived in Belarus. In the photo, a Wagner fighter instructs Belarusian soldiers at a military training ground near Osipovich, about 90 kilometers southeast of the Belarusian capital Minsk. … Read more

The Truth About Aspartame: Is it Really Carcinogenic? Find Out the Facts

2023-07-13 23:15:00 The artificial sweetener aspartame is potentially carcinogenic to humans, but remains safe at acceptable intake levels. Pictured is a shelf of sodas at a supermarket in Pasadena, California. Photo taken in June 2020 (2023 REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni) LONDON (Reuters) – The artificial sweetener aspartame may be carcinogenic to humans, but it remains safe at … Read more

Turkey’s EU Membership and Sweden’s NATO Entry: Competing Agendas for Europe

2023-07-10 09:56:00 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that the European Union should pave the way for Turkey to join the EU before the country’s parliament approves Sweden’s membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Taken on the 8th. (2023 REUTERS/Umit Bektas) ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on … Read more

The Strategic Significance of the Tornio-Karlskrona Railway Bridge for NATO’s Northern Defense

2023-07-06 03:38:00 TORNIO, Finland/KARLSKRONA, Sweden (Reuters) – Finnish construction workers diligently worked on a railway bridge over a river just south of the Arctic Circle. The country’s full membership in April marked a new stretch of border between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russia. Here, a project to facilitate a smooth connection between … Read more

Russian Military Lays Landmines at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: Latest Updates and Concerns

2023-06-20 23:35:00 Budanov, head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence service, said on June 20 that the Russian military had laid landmines around a reservoir that supplies cooling water to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in the south (pictured). he told local television. (Reuters/Alina Smutko) KYIV, June 20 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s Defense Ministry intelligence chief … Read more