TSMC stocks also release a large amount of investment companies other than Berkshire | Reuters

On February 15, investment firms Tiger Global Management, GQG Partners, Capital Group, US asset management giant BlackRock, US financial giant JP Morgan & Chase, and other companies announced that they would start manufacturing Taiwanese semiconductor circuits in the fourth quarter of last year. (TSMC) had sold a large amount of its shares, according to regulatory … Read more

Interview: From Individual Investor to Fund Management, Former Entertainer Toshiya Imura | Reuters

[TOKYO (Reuters)]- Former comedian Toshiya Imura (38), who is attracting attention as the stock prices of stocks held by Mitsui Matsushima HD, Toyama Daiichi Bank, Sumishi HD, etc. Moved the axis of activities from home to fund management. In an interview with Reuters, Imura said that he will not expand his holdings as an individual … Read more

Column: The risk of US inflation remaining high, the “corporate profit” factor that does not attract attention | Reuters

ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve and other central banks are determined to avoid a 1970s-style wage-price spiral at all costs. I’m tired. But last week’s latest gross domestic product (GDP) data suggests that the risk of persistently high inflation is a bit more complex. The Fed and other central banks are obsessed with … Read more

China Evergrande Group’s overseas creditors formulate their own debt restructuring plan = FT | Reuters

Foreign funds that hold corporate bonds of China Evergrande Group, a major property developer in China, have put together their own debt restructuring plans. It is asking the chairman of the company, Hsu Jiayin, to repay the debt with his own funds. FILE PHOTO: Shenzhen, China September 2021. REUTERS/Aly Song (Reuters) – Foreign funds holding … Read more

Angle: Shortage of semiconductors, crustal movement in power relationship with automakers | Reuters

(Reuters) – Auto makers around the world have been forced to make sweeping changes to their plans to produce more than 10 million vehicles over the past two years. The shortage of semiconductors, which is the cause, is now improving. However, as automakers learned from the turmoil this time and sought to strengthen their ties … Read more

China Evergrande, tentative proposal for offshore bond restructuring Exchange with shares of Hong Kong listed subsidiary | Reuters

On the 29th, China Evergrande Group announced a tentative policy of presenting a restructuring proposal including a stock exchange of two affiliated companies for foreign currency debts that have not been paid. Pictured is China Evergrande headquarters building. FILE PHOTO: Shenzhen, China January 2022. REUTERS/David Kirton [香港 29日 ロイター] – China Evergrande Group, a major … Read more