US President Joe Biden’s Visit to Israel amid Israel-Hamas War: Solidarity and Hope for Ending Gaza Blockade

2023-10-17 23:15:00 Tel Aviv: US President Joe Biden will visit Israel today to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the Israel-Hamas war. Biden is the first world leader to visit Israel since the start of the war. US foreign affairs sources said Biden would announce solidarity with Israel. The hope is that Biden will … Read more

President Joe Biden Visits Hurricane Idalia-Damaged Southern Florida: Tour, Damage Inspection, and Comforting Victims

2023-09-03 22:03:00 U.S. President Joe Biden travels to southern Florida on Sept. 2 to inspect the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia and comfort the victims of the disaster ( Hockstein) [フロリダ州ライブ・オーク 2日 ロイター] – US President Biden visited southern Florida on the 2nd, inspected the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia, and comforted the victims. Republican … Read more

Breakdowns in Memory and Age Limit Debate: US Politicians Over 70 Under Scrutiny

2023-07-30 16:04:55 Gaps in memory, stumbling blocks: Again and again, US politicians over 70 made a name for themselves with dropouts. First and foremost, President Joe Biden. An age limit for the congress is now being discussed. US Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana meant well when he said late last week: “When hell freezes over … Read more

U.S. Authorizes Delivery of Cluster Bombs to Ukraine: Biden’s European Visit and NATO Expansion Discussed

2023-07-09 17:10:25 New York: U.S. authorizes delivery of cluster bombs to Ukraine While NATO expansion is being discussed, US President Joe Biden on European visit. The rest of Britain’s visit will be at the NATO summit in Lithuania. Related: Finland Joins New NATO will be British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak came to power last October. … Read more

Joe Biden’s Bizarre Appearance: The Latest News and Controversies Surrounding the US President

2023-06-30 19:00:00 Joe Biden has made another bizarre appearance. The US President appeared on Thursday for a live interview on the pro-democrat TV station MSNBC. When the survey is over, moderator Nicolle Wallace thanks Biden for visiting. He stands up and shakes her hand. Then the 80-year-old Democrat just walks out of the studio – … Read more

U.S-China Relations: President Biden’s Positive Outlook and Brinken’s Visit | Latest Updates and Progress

2023-06-19 21:03:00 U.S. President Joe Biden (pictured) said on June 19 that U.S.-China relations were “on the right track.” FILE PHOTO: The University of Hartford, Connecticut, June 16, 2023. REUTERS/Tom Brenner (By correcting the English sentence, “I also stated that I did not realize that the situation had progressed” to “I expressed the view that … Read more

The Republican Party’s Backlash Against the FBI: Political Calculations and Double Standards

2023-06-14 03:18:00 ( – For decades, the Republican Party has touted itself as the “Party of Law and Order.” But after Trump was indicted for handling classified documents, nearly all of his rivals in the race for the Republican presidential nomination were forced into political scrutiny by the FBI. It has been criticized for being … Read more

Trump Lawyers Resign After Indictment: Latest News Updates

2023-06-09 17:15:00 Two lawyers for former President Donald Trump (pictured) who were indicted by a U.S. grand jury for taking classified documents resigned on the 9th. April 2023. REUTERS/David Dee Delgado [ワシントン 9日 ロイター] – Two attorneys for former President Donald Trump who were indicted by a U.S. grand jury for taking classified documents resigned … Read more