Why it’s right to omit the ‘One Love’ armband in Qatar – Culture

The wisest thing that has been said so far about this soccer World Cup goes like this: “I don’t know yet whether I’ll watch the World Cup or not, but what I definitely won’t do is justify myself for watching it. ” One would like to insert a source at this point, claiming that it … Read more

US elections: Again everyone is looking at Georgia – politics

The Senate race in the traditionally conservative southern state will again be the most exciting election in the country: Whether the Republicans will gain a majority in the small chamber of parliament in Washington will depend on Georgia. How is the mood among the voters? Von Fabian FellmannAtlanta The hunt for election fraud begins with … Read more

Triathlon – penalty drama, Kienle show – Iden new Hawaii champion – sport

Kailua-Kona (dpa) – German punishment drama and a German champion of the heart, at the finish a Norwegian world champion, who is not called Kristian Bummenfelt. Gustav Iden, buddy and training partner of the triathlon dominator from Bergen, won the Ironman World Championship in the fastest race in Hawaiian history, ending the German title series … Read more

Lamar Jackson in the NFL: When $133 million isn’t enough

The Baltimore Ravens offered Lamar Jackson a new contract ahead of the current season that promised him $274 million over six seasons. The quarterback declined because only $133 million of that amount would be guaranteed if signed. Crazy, you might think, but the really crazy thing is that both sides are doing the right thing, … Read more

Triathlon – Triathlon: Hawaii co-favorite seriously injured in accident – Sport

The Woodlands (AP) – Co-favorite Katrina Matthews had a serious accident during training a week and a half before the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. The 31-year-old Briton was hit by a car during a cycling session at a training camp in Texas. On Instagram, the triathlete posted a photo from a hospital with extensive … Read more

Oktoberfest live: Reiter taps into three hits – Munich

Home München München Oktoberfest The first Oktoberfest day in the live ticker:With three strokes: Munich’s Lord Mayor Reiter opens Oktoberfest Sep 17, 2022 1:07 p.m Open detailed view Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter opened the 187th Oktoberfest with three taps. (Foto: Getty Images) With three strokes – and thus with one more than in 2019 … Read more