“Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: The Challenges and Solutions in France’s push towards 400,000 Terminals by 2030”

2023-05-20 16:02:58 Why are so few charging stations working when everything is done to encourage the use of electric vehicles? France even reached a first objective at the beginning of May with 100,000 terminals installed on its territory. It is also beginning to catch up with its European neighbours. And Emmanuel Macron has set the … Read more

The bee is “Lower Austria Animal Welfare 2023”

2023-05-19 11:46:17 LR Rosencrantz: Protection of the bee necessary to keep Lower Austria flourishing St. Polten (OTS) – At a press conference this Friday in Landhaus St. Pölten, the regional councilor responsible for nature conservation in Lower Austria, Susanne Rosenkranz, presented the annual “Lower Austria animal protectionist of the year” – in 2023 it was … Read more

“Qatar’s Sustainable Future: From Solar Energy to Environmental Awareness Initiatives”

2023-05-17 16:41:28 Par Laila Humairah, Aadel Haleem & Didier Burnod • Update: 17/05/2023 – 18:56 We learn about the ways in which Qatar is ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come, from a state-of-the-art solar energy test site to environmental awareness initiatives. By contributing to the fight against climate change and empowering future generations to … Read more

FPÖ – Schnedlitz: ÖVP once again as a copier of FPÖ ideas | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-05-08 18:15:04 CO2 storage in rock strata is one of the four central points of the FPÖ environmental protection strategy with common sense Vienna (OTS) – Once again, the ÖVP turned out to be a copier of FPÖ ideas. At an event in the Ministry of Finance, Finance Minister Brunner called for geological CO2 storage … Read more

Happy Hong Kong | MTR “One-Click Instant Grab” large-scale reward distribution of $20 million e-coupons! Earn up to $1,300 in Beauty/Fashion/Electrical Appliances/Telecom Coupons! Grab 3 Wednesdays in a row, and watch the details! -Amount Express-Eating, Drinking and Playing-Life-ET Net Mobile

2023-05-08 09:07:52 The government’s “Happy Hong Kong” has launched a number of activities for everyone to participate in, and MTR malls also fully support it, launching a large-scale reward event “One Click, Grab Now”, and upgrading the $20 million e-coupon! When to grab? What coupons are there? Which shopping mall is applicable? Check out the … Read more

“Pollution and Arrhythmia Risk in China: Findings from a Comprehensive Study”

2023-05-01 09:13:07 A team of researchers from Fudan University, Shanghai, compared data from more than 2,200 hospitals across China, a country where pollution causes between 750,000 and 2.2 million premature deaths a year. In all, data from approximately 190,000 patients with sudden arrhythmias were studied. Result: exposure to pollution was clearly associated with risks of … Read more