Joe Biden’s Bizarre Appearance: The Latest News and Controversies Surrounding the US President

2023-06-30 19:00:00

Joe Biden has made another bizarre appearance. The US President appeared on Thursday for a live interview on the pro-democrat TV station MSNBC.

When the survey is over, moderator Nicolle Wallace thanks Biden for visiting. He stands up and shakes her hand. Then the 80-year-old Democrat just walks out of the studio – while Wallace is still talking to the audience.

Normally, the interview guest remains seated until the presenter has finished the segment. In this case, Joe Biden probably had something else in mind.

What makes the scene even more amusing: Moderator Wallace says to the viewers during Biden’s departure: “Don’t go away, it’s still exciting.”

The 46th President of the USA visited New York to raise funds for his campaign for re-election in fall 2025. Meanwhile, critics and opponents use every dropout to weaken Biden. His old age plays a major role here – at the end of his possible second term, Biden would be 86 years old.

In a recent interview, the now oldest US President in history confused Ukraine with Iraq. In early June, during a celebration at a military academy, Biden fell over a sandbag and fell to the ground.

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