US inflation control law enacted, Biden signed $ 430 billion | Reuters

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EU and South Korea express concern about US EV purchase tax deduction “WTO violation” | Reuters

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Mr. Trump demands “go to parliament”, quarrels with the guards = House of Representatives hearing | Reuters

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Angle: U.S. Supreme Court decision not recognizing abortion rights, driven by Mr. Trump | Reuters

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Florida Senate Passes Disney “Autonomy” Deprivation Bill Retribution for LGBT Education Law Opposition | Reuters

On April 20, the Florida Senate introduced a bill to deprive the state of Orlando’s “Walt Disney World” of special tax incentives and special control … Read more

Russian lawmakers submit bill for 10 years in prison if Western sanctions are obeyed | Reuters

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Taiwanese officials unpredictably enact Chinese legislation to unify cross-straits | Reuters

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Three Baltic States expel 10 Russian diplomats, “solidarity with Ukraine” Lithuania | Reuters

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Russian House of Representatives Requests President to Approve Independence of Pro-Russian Region in Eastern Ukraine | Reuters

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Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns shortly after taking office Possibility of reappointment | Reuters

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